Friday, October 11, 2013

The once-in-a-while boredom

Hiiii my friends who probably don't read my blog anymore since it's soooo dead by now. I haven't had the time to blog once I started working! And yup, I'm working as a financial advisor but please do not run away from me or disfriend me really. I promise I won't pester you or call you if you tell me honestly you aren't interested in getting anything. But of course, I'll still be really thankful if you at least give me a chance to explain financial planning to you? At least hear me out and let me talk pleaseeeeee :D 

Work's been treating me pretty well. I'm surviving in my job and enjoying meeting new people every once in a while (: Of course, there will be disappointment when I face rejections but I dealt with it and yup, still happy going to work everyday thus far (: I also understand that everyone will eventually have their personal financial advisor, it might not be me but yup, please at least get yourself covered!

Alrighttttt, let's move away from work now since I know some people are really against financial advisors!

I'm waiting for my colleague to pick me up from NUS to head over to JB later. I met 2 Jasons today at NUS (random fact) and surprisingly my matric card still works, so I could tap in to the YIH lounge and charge my laptop and spend my almost three hours of waiting time here after I'm done with my appointments :D And thank God for this because waiting sucks but I'm glad I had my lappy to entertain me! 

But one sad thing is, it's 10.28pm and I haven't had dinner yet )': And I see a group of strange-looking people playing games in the YIH lounge and they're gonna play love letters. One guy kept saying "Bo jio, bo jio...." Oh my, STAPHHHH. 

Okay, I think I'm just feeling angst due to the lack of food in my system. My face literally turns black when my body doesn't have food. Somehow, my face is directly linked to my stomach. 

"BO JIO.... you BO JIO"


Alright, colleague is finally here. Goodbye everyone for now. I wasn't expecting myself to rant here but that guy is just too much. I shall end off with a nice photo of Sharon who's currently in London now! ):

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Anonymous said...

why financial advisor?