Saturday, October 26, 2013


Yesterday I was so tempted to blog of my horribly hectic and "woke up on the wrong side of bed" day but I couldn't find the time to. It seems like I'll always think of my blog every time I feel like ranting. 

Basically, I did many many ridiculous things yesterday like walking into the escalator which was coming up when I was going down and I ended up running on the escalator like how people run on treadmills. So basically after 5 seconds of jogging on the escalator in my heels, I registered the way to get out of the escalator was to turn around swiftly without embarrassing yourself with a fall on your knees. And I did manage to get out of the treadmill escalator eventually.

Then I sadly only had time to eat 1 meal due to time constraint and ended up feeling weak trying to figure how to get to SGH from the green line after crossing this overhead bridge thrice. Then the "no sense of direction" struck once again when I was on my way to Whampoa... Ended up walking around, alighting, and boarding the same bus after walking to the previous stop. 

So basically, it was a sad day yesterday until night time. 

And I came to blog today because I'm home early for once. Not that it's early now, but yup I managed to have some time to relax and upload photos and I happen to see some ridiculous photos I've edited...

Original Photo

If my face was symmetrical with the right side of my face... I'll have 2 dimples!! :D (Ignoring the funny hair!)

And if it's symmetrical to the left side of my face. Alright, it's a little too skinny but yup I've concluded I should carry on taking photos with my right profile! (Refers to previous photo)

Alrighttttt, once-in-a-while post to release some stress from work. I love sleeping because that's the most peaceful time and I totally wish that I don't have to wake up to horrible things every single day while I'm lying on my bed.

Why can't everyone be nice and supportive and kind and caring. The world will be a better place.

I'm not saying I'm that nice, that supportive, that kind and that caring. I'm just saying in general if everyone was a little nicer, a little more supportive, a little kinder and a little more caring, I might actually be genuinely happier.

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