Thursday, August 1, 2013

Things I gotta thank God for

Hello everyone (if anyone is still clicking on my blog link once in a while to see if I've blogged or not), I'm here to blog! :O

The main reason is probably due to the trauma I got from driving today. The day started at 8am. Badminton with some of the colleagues. Then I managed to drive to NUS really safely with the navigation of Mr Song.

The trauma came when I was driving to Buona with Mr Song! We were somewhat "lost" and we just kept turning here and there trying to find a cheap parking place. And then, I ALMOST ALMOST ALMOST ALMOST CRASHED INTO A CAB WHO WAS TRAVELLING SO QUICKLY BECAUSE I FORGOT TO CHECK MY REAR VIEW MIRROR AND BLIND SPOT BEFORE ATTEMPTING AN UTURN AT A RANDOM SPOT.

So yup, the thing is, he swerved away and I sort of managed to stop my steering in time. And we missed each other's car by that little bit.

So my entire mind went blank but when I registered the situation, I really was thanking God for this blessing!!!!!!!!!!

And of course, I'm also thankful for the many nice colleagues in my workplace because they make working life a whole lot better! Encouraging each other on and having fun together is sooooooo love! (:

So even though some people may be scared of financial advisors like myself, I really feel happy to be in this line with this bunch of people because really, everyone is just so nice!!!!!!

I love my work even though it's stressful at times. I love my work even though it's tiring. I love my job even though it means less time to sleep. I love my job even though some friends may be scared of me. In all, I actually do love my job :D

But I really need to start familiarizing myself with roads so I don't get lost so easily! #nosenseofdirectionsucks


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