Wednesday, May 15, 2013

10 things I like about Lai Meng

Hello people!

10 things that I like about Lai Meng :)

1) She is spontaneous. Whenever I wanna hang out on a last minute notice.  I would think of her.

2) She makes me laugh. It's just her... The stories she tell me, the way she tells her stories...

3) We share the same memories in IJ which we can always reminisce about..

4) Sporty :) With the limited options available, sports is a good alternative to other less healthy options. And so, we get to play netball and badminton together :)

5) She makes people feel at ease. I guess that's coz you don't feel ya being judged half the time i reckon.

6) She stay near me. I love how we can go home together and hang out as and when

7) She is not shy. In the sense that, she won't be afraid to meet new people and thus, it help when we meet each other's friends from other social circle.

8) She likes to sing! She taught me my first mandarin song by the taiwanese artiste angela zhang. And we can go "high" together in a noraebang...

9) She is forthcoming. So you can count on her to tell you the truth and not political correct statements. (not blunt BTW)

10) She likes to take pictures and upload them. so at least I have access to photos we have taken  :)




(ps: i cld write more but she is getting bored sitting opposite me..)

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