Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Parents Love Their Kids

Btw, warning to you people: there are quite a number of self-shots in this post because it's rare that I had falsies and full make-up on so I just had to. I just had to okay. Helped out for Tanahli's event for her company and they did a bombshell makeup look on me, which led to a few self-shots for the night!

Anyway, I was scrolling through the photos to choose some of them to put up on my blog and daddy walked past. And the convo goes:

Daddy (stares into screen): Whoa, your photos so nice. My daughter so pretty.
Me: hahaha
Daddy: See, everyone not pretty, only you're the prettiest.
Me: hahaha, they doing stupid faces of course can't see pretty or not!
Daddy (saw another photo of me): Aiyo, this one not pretty already. 

haha, anyway, my daddy's super nice because he'll comment I look nice in everything I wear whenever I come home. And to prove that dads always think highly of their daughters, I shall tell another story.

The other day I went over to my aunt's place to take blazers which my cousin can't fit into anymore after she has given birth. The blazers and skirts are of super good quality and she gave them to me! Perks of having an older cousin who's about the same size as myself! So I happily tried on the blazers and found that they fit perfectly :D Then I went on to try on the skirts... and found they're slightly loose. So I walked out and told my aunt that it's slightly loose. AND AND AND my uncle who was sitting at the side commented, "Elyn (my cousin) so skinny. You so fat. How can you find the skirt loose?"

And anyway, he said that sentence of how I'm fat and big but my cousin's very small and skinny, so I shouldn't be able to fit into her clothes many many many many times for that short while when I was at their place!

Then I came home feeling unjust! Fat?!?! Big?!?! That's not me what! So I told my parents about how my uncle said I'm fat and I shouldn't fit into my cousin's clothes! And my beloved parents said, "Your cousin not as skinny as you for sure. She where got skinny. You're confirm smaller than her"...

So moral of the story, everyone looks nice and slim in their parents' eyes :D

Alright, I should head back to my Money & Banking project which is due tomorrow ): Worse module in the 4 years )':

Super awesome effect with Caleb's phone!

Macro lecturer, Prof Zhang Jie (:

Oh, and seeing the above 2 photos. I remembered what mummy just said. She saw the photos and said, "actually Waikit looks better than Minghan (sorry Songminghan, my mummy still prefers Waikit LOL!)" And I kept asking her why Waikit looks better than Minghan, but she just kept saying Waikit looks better and he's very nice and he's a gentleman (I don't know where she got this idea from, probably because I told her all the stories?!).. and yup, I just kept telling my mummy, "I think you should marry Waikit hahaha" 

My mummy loves Waikit. lol.


HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This is how I used to look like LOL LOL LOL! 

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