Saturday, April 6, 2013

How I torture myself

While everyone is mugging their asses off because it's a month to exams, I caught myself watching a new taiwan drama that I decided to start watching because I got too deprived not watching shows. So #dramaholic I know. 

I watched the trailer of the drama and realized it's an awfully sad show because the female lead in the show died of an illness eventually but I decided to watch it anyway because I like the male and female leads in the show. And I also know typical crybaby me will cry my eyes off because I can't take dying scenes. But I really wanted to watch the super sweet and "aww" scenes so I started the 30-episode drama anyway.

I watched an average of 5-7 episodes a day (I'm crazy I know), spammed the drama in order to reach episode 15 which is the super "aww" episode where the male and female lead finally got together. So upon reaching that "aww" episodes, a few more "aww" episodes came along. And then the entire show slowly became really sad... and impatient me skipped to watch episode 30 last night at 2am after I finished episode 20. And I cried like maddddd and ended up with really puffy and swollen eyes today ): I was supposed to take formal passport-sized photos today to submit for work but I couldn't because I had big-small eyes ): Then dramaholic me continued spamming episodes and continued crying like mad again for the entire day today and I didn't have mood to study anymore ): That totally explains why I'm here now. I'm torturing myself watching all the sad parts but I wanna finish the drama quickly too ):

Random photos to make this entire post less sad!

Laksa Steamboat with the favorite "galxzx (inside joke!)" and their plus 1!  
Gabby's Convocation at SIM! :D See Ahli, we left a space beside Lings for you, I believe you can fit in there :D
Super extra Songminghan. Nice face btw.
Kenneth's Birthday celebration at Soup Restaurant.
PA Poh whom you can call Char-Li-Po or Whut Whut :D
And I bumped into Lennard at Vivo!!! Okay, special mention because I haven't seen him around in school for sooooo long.

Alright, I shall head back to being dramamama.

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