Sunday, March 31, 2013

That's What Bros Are For

I was blogshopping/facebooking and a creature (some insect that looks like a bee/housefly) came crawling next to my laptop. 

And being timid me, I ran off seeking for help from my brother who was cooking supper (again!!! Reason why everyone said I'm putting on weight, it's true) and brave bro took a tissue and simply kiaped the fly and threw it into the rubbish bin!!! 

*success kid*

I wonder how I'm gonna survive if I had to do all these catch flies, kill cockroaches acts if people like my brother and parents don't exist!!!

Another reason why life is good. There will always be people there for you to get rid of scary creatures!! :D

Today was an awesome day. Studied with Tangtang at her school. Met up with Shun, Gabby, Alex and took Bryan's car to Pasir Panjang for famous duck rice only to realize they've closed for the day because business was soooo good, all the ducks were sold out! 

But fret not (Ivan said this today and I find it amusing how people can use words other than "don't worry" for normal convo, so I shall widen my vocab and use other phrases too!), we had Laksa Steamboat to the rescue!!! Immediately when we saw that the duck rice was closed, Gabby's reaction was "Let's go and have Laksa Steamboat!" It was like she had planned it all along haha.

So off we went for awesome Laksa Steamboat!!!! :D

Then we had a road trip to Jurong Town Hall because Bryan generously offered to send Alex back to his place (which is right next to IMM sooooo far whoa). And it was back to tpy my home sweet home.

There's badminton tomorrow! I gotta run more and get rid of the many suppers I've been having ever since my brother started this supper craze!!! 

Fat face, Imma gonna get rid of youuuuu.

In church on Good Friday for the passover feast! :D And Lebby's mum took a longggg time to take this photo hence my really plastic face :D
The helium balloon given by Vics is surviving really well in my room!  12 days and it's still going strong :D
Heeheehahahoho I love my favorite girlzxzxzx and our impromptu sessions :D

Lastly, an important note to Tangtang:
Please go for the event. Please please please please please. You wouldn't want to see my lifelong dream get crushed right? O.O


Oh, and I recently got myself a PA (Personal Assistant) and she's my most entertaining friend (on par with Tangtang - I can't decide who's more entertaining so they're both my most entertaining friends), Charlie Poh Yinghui! lol. You can call her Char Li Po or Tutor Poh or Poh Poh or Whut Whut. Even though she's my PA and I'm her boss, sometimes I ended up acting like her PA because I'm her ATM machine when she has no cash and I've to walk to the library to print notes for her whenever she forgets to print hers. Other than her slight inefficiency, she makes a good PA because she knows all the gossips and you will never go wrong if you listen to her information regarding actresses, bloggers or famous people in general.

lol. Yeah, I'm just boosting I've a PA and I've became a Boss at the age of 23!

Goodnight friends :D

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