Monday, March 11, 2013

A Series of Unlinked Photos

I got too bored I decided to blog instead of writing my report. I know Tangtang is so gonna scold me for coming to blog because she has been telling me to write my report @.@

Oh my, once I wrote out that sentence she sent me a message :O :O :O

And oh my, once I typed the previous sentence, my other friend asked me "How's assignment".

Oh my oh my, it must be a sign that I shouldn't be blogging and should be writing my report hohoho. 

"Are you doing report?? Must do ah, 4oclock half a day gone oready!!" Tangtang's next message after the previous sentence. Wow.

Oh my god. hahaha. God knows I'm slacking and asked my friends to send me messages so I'll stop losing focus.

Okay. I'll quickly write some stuff and go back to my report!!!

This year has been filled with a lot of love. All my awesome friends.

Royalties Steamboat to celebrate Keenan's birthday and CNY :D
Sports Camp Ocomm '12 CNY Gathering (:
'Xclusively + Joshua at Sharon's place for CNY Mahjong (: 
Royalties' birthday celebration for Gabby at Kim's Family Restaurant.
CHIJ Badminton at Coach's place for CNY (:
JALJALS at Five & Dimes for Gabby's birthday! (:
All the pretty ladies! 
Cap 5 Gang at Captain's place for CNY (:
Secondary school friends at Kallang Netball Centre!
BBQ at Vic's place for Aaron's farewell. My fav picture of that day because I look so happy here hahaha.
I prepared the chicken wings with Andrew! -useful useful-

Royalties :D

Can't wait for him to be back!!!
Dave's awesome room!!!

Gabby's awesome cake!! :D
Right, I better get back to my report!!!!

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