Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hi! (:

Today's the day where more people told me I look like Dawn Yeoh and I started thinking if I really really look like her. You know it's just like the self-fulfilling prophecy? 

My NUS "Cap 5" clique calls me Dawn. So much that it almost seems legit. So anytime someone shouts out "Dawn", I'll automatically turn my head around thinking whether they're calling me.

Long time ago, someone whom I can't remember who, said that I look like her. And today, Andy and Bangzhou both said I really really resemble her. 

So yes, if you don't know who Dawn Yeoh is...

This is her. And after thinking for very very long, I concluded perhaps it's due to the big mouth or the way I smile that creates this resemblance?

I'm pretty curious to know if any other people think that way.

But, all my closer friends somehow decided that it's not good to look like her because they dislike her. Thank you, that's very encouraging ):

Alright, it's a useless post. Just for fun! (:

Life is good. If I ignore all the not good parts

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