Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why so sweet?

I'm here to praise Mr Caleb Wong for his extreme sweetness.

We were planning the Europe trip and I really wanted to try skydiving! So despite being extremely scared and reluctant, he voted for my decision in the group chat when I was almost certain nobody else would reply! (((:

Anddd one more thing, I went for the Sheng Siong Show tonight (I wonder if anyone caught a glimpse of my friends and I lol) and I'm almost 99% sure when the special guest, Yan Ya Lun, waved, he was waving to me hahaha. I know I do sound like a delusional fan, butttt there were no one around me except myself who was waving and I'm positive he looked in my direction, saw my wave, and waved back to me.

Heeheehahahohohuhu. I'm a lucky girl.

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