Sunday, January 13, 2013

We Might Not Get Tomorrow, Let's Do It Tonight!

Heyyyy, this is another post-to-erase-the-unhappy-posts post (: 

I know I've awesome friends who care a lot about me, but I really don't think I wanna share the-very-depressing issue. Nonetheless (haha, connective word ehh), don't worry, I'm over that already :D

I'm gonna play badminton with Shermeen and her friends later because I bumped into her one random day and she needed an extra player tonight (: 

It's 6.35pm and I'm supposed to be at Yio Chu Kang at 8pm but I'm happily sitting at home typing away :D

I'm just uploading photos to push the sad sad posts down. So here goes...

Something I saw on fb and I think it's pretty cool :D
Zichar at Lorong 7 again with Mafia and Trackers! Combined clique outing :D
Some cool camera effect from Caleb's new-bought camera.
The swing at Sharon's place became colorful after a new paint job (:
Finally had my try at Krispy Kreme when Caleb went to Malaysia and bought this back for me :D
And the boy told me to heat it up in the microwave when I want to eat it, and I did. So snowman went in for 45s and became so hot and soft I couldn't even eat it after. So I had to wait for it to cool down and all. haha, the very 'melted' snowman. 
Western food during holidays when I went back to help Sharon submit her module review forms.
One day we went to Coffeebean to ask for Original Tart, but they gave us the sweet Vanilla Tart instead. So we got to choose any drink we want from the menu because they ran out of Original Tart!
Green Day :D
Gyoza King at Raffles City. The only nice thing there is probably just the gyoza.
Dimsum at Hougang after meeting the seller for the camera (: 
Fish and Co. with the Primary 6 classmates.

The many many cranes Sharon's aunt folded for her sister's wedding. We helped!
Tori King.

Sushi Tei with Gabby and Ling :D
Salmon Mentaiyaki which Gabby requested to be fully cooked.
Kaya balls for breakfast on a Sunday which made us more than half an hour late for church because the jam at the carpark was sooooo horrible.
Hung out at Vic's place and went swimming before zichar dinner with Mafia Trackers (:
Went to find Keenan over at Velvet the day we went to Zouk (:
Featured dish of the zichar at Lorong 7 - Salted Egg Pork Ribs :D
Baby Kylie's shower (:
Alright. This is just to let y'all know I'm back to my usual happy self and I really hope there won't be any depressing days anymore.

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