Monday, January 21, 2013

Omitted Information

Sometimes you'll feel less sad not trying to dig out more information.

So if you feel that by telling someone something will cause the person to be unhappy, you tend to just omit the information. And logically, you aren't lying, you're simply not telling.

But eventually the question boils down to, are you alright with not knowing?

And onto my next point, yes random thoughts at 1244am, every girl wants a guy who's romantic, gentlemanly and nice (excluding the quality of being tall, dark and handsome), but really, I think dramas have made us to be so idealistic you'll probably feel doubly disappointed when you realize such guys do not exist.

It's hard to find someone who will randomly surprise you with roses or sweet stuff and write you really long letters or cards (really really really guys don't do that unless they're forced to? Sometimes they don't do that even if they're forced to). Even though I know of friends who arranged an entire walkway of petals which leads to some nice necklace or soft toy, not everyone is born with such creativity.

The Naked Sushi/B&B group met up on Saturday and had a really long chat at Gloria Jeans. Somehow the topic of gentlemanliness came into the picture. Some easy things I feel they should do are for example, offering to put back plates or trays when you see the girl carrying a whole lot of things, letting her walk first so she's not left behind. Or walking on the outer lane so you're 'blocking the traffic' for her or simply maybe offer to carry her laptop/heavy books when she's dying of weight. I guess most girls wouldn't mind carrying their own stuff, but somehow it's the thought that counts? The action of offering tells a lot.

I'm not saying all my friends are horrible. I think some of them are gentlemanly. One great example is probably Waikit (haha don't laugh if you see your name) who's just super gentlemanly hahaha. He walks friends home at night or when we're not familiar with the environment even though it's may not be on the way. Even if my bag isn't heavy or what, he'll offer to help me carry my books. He's still single and available btw haha.

Alright, anyway my point is, due to the influence of many dramas, I've tend to be too idealistic and all these thoughts tend to always be on my mind. So, I hope my friends will watch some dramas at least and learn from them so I'll be a happier person when they are sweet! Haha this post should be named Selfish Lai Meng.

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