Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Feeling really happy and thankful for the wonderful people in my life at 1.31am.

Last and this week has been and is still gonna be exciting.

Saturday was baby Kylie's shower. Sunday was badminton with Shermeen, Marie and 2 other friend's friends. Today I met up with the girls, Gabby, Shunli and Tangs for present shopping and dinner (: They really make me laugh a lot, even when they laugh at the "he-she" stuff, I found it really amusing too. Remember we'll have the 5-year letter to ourselves (:

Tomorrow's lunch with Waikit and hanxie in school before lessons. And a short meet up with Sonia from 130-2! And dinner with flabbylebby after school. Thursday's Victor's kitchen with Colby, Ah Cai, Austen and Daniel. Friday's interview and cell. Saturday's meeting with the B&B because Ernest is finally back! And then it's dinner and birthday celebration with JALJALS! Sunday's church! One of these days, I'll have to squeeze out some time to get yinghui a new phone (:

And forgetful lemmyip is typing all these down so she doesn't miss out any of the dates! (: pretty exciting first week of school right?

I thank God for the wonderful people in my life.

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