Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 sucks

Things are on a downward spiral and I'm not kidding. The year started with a really sad message which eventually led to a really depressing day. Then more depressing days followed after.

I just lost my way in Geylang trying to find SBH. And after 40 minutes of trying, I gave up because it's scary walking in Geylang with random uncles whistling at you when you walk past. Seriously, I didn't know it could be so traumatizing.

Now I'm sitting at a random bus stop waiting. Waiting for the bf to finally see my missed calls and Whatsapp messages. Or maybe 830 will come first cause that's the time he's supposed to pick me up from SBH. Then he'll realize I didn't make it there because I suck at reading maps and my sense of direction sucks. He's probably eating dinner now.

It's 7.57pm and I'm trying to act busy typing so I don't look crazy sitting here waiting for nothing. On a happier note, I managed to walk back to the bus stop I alighted from instead of being stuck at Lorong 22 at Geylang.

People always say things will start to become better once you've reached the bottom. So let's see how long all these will last before I finally see the light.

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