Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Don't panic

It was a teary day today.

I was ten minutes late for exams due to the massive jam. I could totally tell Caleb was as worried as me, since he was sending me to school. But thank God that I made it to the exam hall and was only late for ten minutes!

The lecturer made me so touched, he came over and told me "Don't panic. Just do your best" I almost, really almost burst out crying cause his words made me feel so much at ease and he was just too nice!

Finished my exam in time, thank God (:

There was bible class in the evening and it was nearing 11pm that I felt really really really tired and sleepy and I couldn't stop myself from yawning.. And the more I yawned, the one my tears welled up in my eyes.

And when wee-hsin looked over and saw that I was yawning, my tears started flooding down and I swear it was totally unintentional. I was just really tired. And yup, reminder to all, I tear when I'm tired. I'm not feeling sad or what!

It's finally time for bed after I finished drying my hair. Nice lecturer, I'll remember that moment (:

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