Thursday, October 25, 2012

The once-in-a-while bad day

Hi everyone. I'm here to blog! With my phone. Today's the once-in-a-while bad day so let's see.

The day started off pretty well. I met flabbylebby and had lunch at Novena's Soup Spoon. Then he drove to school and I was punctual for lesson! Good start I thought.

Then I took back my test paper which my lecturer remarked and realized he only stingily gave me an addition 5 marks and still penalized me 25 marks for a silly-to-the-max-I-must-be-blind mistake.

Then the day proceeded on and my phone died because I forgot to charge it and I forgot to bring my charger! I bring my charger to school everyday and yes, today's the once-in-a-while bad day and I guess it slipped my mind bag. So I asked Waikit and yes, thank God he was in school and he lent me his charger. So Tadah, 63% charged for an hour!

Then I left to meet flabbylebby for dinner, but we weren't hungry so we had yakun! And right after I came back from the toilet, I banged and scratched my thigh on the chair, yup clumsiness shouldn't be included in the once-in-a-while bad day, but it hurt, so yup it's part of my incidents during the once-in-a-while bad day.

And then I happily went for training which everyone, but me, knew was cancelled. That's simply because the captain didn't save my number and asked my friend to contact me to ask me to go for training and yes I guessed nobody realized that no one had informed me.

So I sat there like a retard for 6 minutes before I concluded no one was going to come, and like a retard, left to shower, even though I didn't perspire at all. I just wanted to freshen up and make myself feel better.

So I walked to Raffles Hall and had a shower. Then halfway through showering, and it's the once-in-a-while bad day, I realized I forgot to bring my towel. Hallelujah! But since the shirt I was supposed to be playing badminton with was clean and dry, it acted as a towel. That made me think if I should be glad that training got cancelled since that way, my shirt would be clean and I would at least have something to dry myself with. And usually, I'll bring another set of clothes to change into after training, but being the once-in-a-while bad day, I only had my school clothes.

Alright, moving on. I told flabbylebby that training got cancelled immediately when I knew the news, but he already reached buona vista and was going for a run. So, I told him I can wait for him and study at YIH after showering and left it as that.

And, yes, once again, being the once-in-a-while bad day, I just realized upon reaching YIH that my entire file is in flabbylebby's car and I have no studying materials at all except for my clothes and racquet. Hallelujah once again.

So here I am typing away, hoping people won't think I'm crazy, sitting in the study room typing away on my phone.

Alright, in fact even though it's a once-in-a-while bad day, I don't have that once-in-a-while bad mood. I feel pretty alright sitting here typing away, just hoping my phone batt will last me till flabbylebby is here to bring me away. 40% I trust you!

39%. I can survive. Hallelujah everyone! (:

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