Sunday, October 14, 2012

Movie Marathon

Today I watched the 4th movie in 4 days. Every single day since Thursday, I've been watching a movie. Looper, Perks of being a Wallflower, Taken 2 and Sinister. That's about $40 spent on movies alone :O 

Looper is my favorite movie out of that 4, but surprisingly, not many has heard about it! I was publicizing the movie to most of the friends that I've met cause I really liked the show! (: It's niceeeee.

I wanted to upload the tons of nice photos onto my blog, but blogger couldn't arrange the photos in order so I gave up. 

I went to Chinese Garden, played IFG, went for Sonia's Atas Awesome Birthday, went to 1 Caramel at Rochester on a random day with Minghan and Waikit, and celebrated Lily's and supposedly Joyce's Birthday today at Fish & Co. Jaljals was supposed to head to the zoo but it started pouring at AMK right after our meal, so we cancelled the trip and went for a movie instead (:

Yeahhhh, I haven't been blogging for long because I've been enjoying my life too much watching xinmsn and YouTube. Life's gonna get tough from now on since I've been procrastinating. And having a surname that starts with Y, it means assignments are gonna come for me soon since we're reaching the end of the semester. Good luck to myself!!!!

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