Sunday, October 28, 2012

Miss My Long Long Hair

Usually it takes about a week for my hair after a haircut to be back to normal. But, I made a terrible mistake this time by asking Roy to cut more of my hair away because it was really heavy then. Why did I do that? ): Now, my hair's still at the growing back but still looking like crap stage, after like what, 3 weeks? 

When I told him to cut my hair a lot shorter, I was thinking, right I thought my hair would turn out nice like:

Simple, straight, shoulder-length, nice. 

But often it's the case, isn't it. What you think isn't what you get. So I ended looking round (okay, rounder than I already am) and my hair isn't straight straight, so every morning I've to fix my hair because it curls outwards and is super pong!

Most recent photo of my hair:
Celebrated Joyce's super belated birthday at Xin Wang last night (: And this isn't exactly a very good photo because I edited it a lot but making my face a lot smaller and the top of my head a lot flatter too. That explains the crooked lines on the wall behind hoho. I bet you can't tell I edited the photo if I didn't say :P 
Shun's birthday celebration at Fish & Co. Bad fringe = pinned up fringe = looked weird.
Blue photo which Songminghan edited and everyone said I look realllly young here.
Restaurant Week lunch at 1 Caramel with Songminghan and Waikit. This was 2 days after haircut.
Pretty Sonia's 21st! (:

Chinese Garden for Lantern Festival!

I really missed my long long hair after seeing this photo!!!!
Procrastinator me. I fell asleep at 6pm and woke up at 9pm even though I woke up at 12pm today. I've 4 assignments/essays due and I'm living my life as if I just ended exams. I need to get out of the house!

Note to self: do not ever try to change hairstyle

Motivation. Where can I find you?

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