Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Lagging Internet

Sad to say, I'm not a creative person who can think of really nice titles for blog posts or album names. So they always end up either being some song or a fact I wish to tell. 

Today the title's "The Lagging Internet" and as it simply implies, there is something wrong with my internet and xinmsn and YouTube videos refuse to load quickly and properly ): So I've rewatched the same episode of Poetic Justice 4-5 times because it will get cut off at about 25 minutes and I can't get to watch the last 20 minutes of that particular episode ))): 

And I wanna be a fan girl at home and watch videos of Big Bang on YouTube but nooooo my internet forbids me to do so! Major turn off when the video hangs halfway ): Andddd I saw Top's injured hand on some video and at the same time, realized that his hair is no longer mint (but instead GD's hair is) and it made me sad! Now he has short normal hair ))): What happened to awesome mint hair that is soooooo awesome??? ):

*I'm singing my blueeeeeees*

But even though I didn't make it to Big Bang's concert, one consolation for me is that I dreamt of Top last night!!! :D I dreamt that he was sleeping next to me and I got to talk to him! #omgoneofthebestdreamsever Anyway, somehow in my dream, Top could speak awesome English and we talked without communication breakdown! ((: Thennn, I think he knew I liked him a lot (even though I was sort of his friend in my dream), we took self-shots together!!! 

And Oh Yeah (my new name), I woke up feeling really happy today (:

As people always say, "I'm breathing the same air as Big Bang now!!!" 

I can't believe I'm feeling happy just by typing down my dream and thinking about them. 

And it does't help that Songminghan keeps telling me about concerts. Thanks uh. Big Bang concert, smtown concert? Me no money go for concert ):

Recess week is ending and I've been slacking far too much. Enjoying the last year of my studying life (: Monday was rest day. Tuesday was studying with Ivan, and Chinese Garden night with Zhenyu, Sonia and JJ. Wednesday was Mindef networking day, Thursday I studied with Waikit and Sharon and had Korean BBQ dinner with Ivan & Esther. Today was MegaZip day with Sharon, Joshua, Jieying, Minghan, Waikit and Hanxie before BBQ at Sharon's place!!! 

On Saturday I went shopping with Sharon and shamelessly went for her friend's BBQ cause I was at her place. And I shamelessly took the door gift (A really nice angel!)
Macpherson Bak Chor Mee that I had after church on Sunday. I LOVE THIS (:
Pretty decorations at Chinese Garden!

Supper at Bukit Merah! Soon Li Yong Tau Foo. Check out the crazy crowd! The stall only opens at 10plus pm at night.
$10 worth of goodness!!!
Mindef Networking at Hilton. Excellent Food.
Whampoa Ngoh Hiang which I just discovered is owned by my friend's boyf's parents!!!
Whampoa Hokkien Mee (:
Korean BBQ at Tanjong Pagar! Cabbed over to this place from school to beat the crowd (:
Multiple-chined Ivan.
Mr Potato!
Esther!! (: 

Lunch set at Gourmet Town!!! Miso Cha Shu Ramen with Fried Chicken sides and Iced Tea (which I forgot to take a photo of) 
Walking into Sentosa for MegaZip! Ah Cai (: 
Joshua, Waikit, Minghan, Hanxie, Sharon!
The crazy muscular arm of mine. I got a pretty big shock when I saw the photo after it was taken cause I wasn't deliberately flexing! Freaky arms.
I went to Pinang lol.
We ran for this shot so that the word "Universal" can be seen!
Songminghan insisted he should take my bag and shoe bag away from me so my entire (basketball) outfit could be seen -.- Note: requirement for MegaZip is t-shirt, berms/long pants and covered shoes... thus, the outfit. I had to borrow my brother's shorts @.@
Then the three of them ran off halfway, but their plan failed because Sharon and Joshua didn't know their plan. 

BBQ at Sharon's place (:
Being like a Songminghan, Top is singing while looking at me.
Right, back to fan girl mood.

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