Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Bedtime But I Can't Sleep

Lebby recently showed me an article about how people who sleep 6-7 hours a day lives longer than those who sleep 8 or more. And yes, that's so me. 8 or more hours. I count backwards every single day to decide what time I have to get onto my bed. But after hearing that, I decided that I've to push my sleeping time back for an hour )': 

Actually that's the main reason why I'm here... I've to sleep later )):

And a random discovery, I like people who tries to keep in contact and talk to me because I know I'm super lazy, I don't make the effort to talk to people! ): So even friends I used to be close with will somehow slowly disappear from my life due to my laziness ): So dear friends, if you are free, please start talking to me thank you very much :P I sincerely apologize for my laziness.

But well, yesterday I sent out a mass message regarding the closing ceremony for IFG on Friday night and started getting crazily high with Esther. Old Banana Man, matchmaking and just ridiculous stuff that made me laugh all night I couldn't do any work. But, it felt great having entertainment for the entire night :D

Yes, it's half an hour more to my designated healthy sleep time (:

Food photos:
Ramen from Ramen Champion at Bugis Plus (Iluma)
Customized breakfast at Food For Thought. Hash Browns, Sausages, Garlic Mushrooms and Scrambled Eggs.
Duck Confit at Saveur at Purvis Street! (:

Mushroom Soup at Relish! There's truffle oil and has a very strong garlic taste.
Pasta of the day.  
Rocket Burger.
Dim Sum at Toa Payoh HDB Hub (: Awesomeeeee.
Soup Spoon at Changi City Point. My favourite combo! :D
FFT again with Lebby. I totally forgot to take a photo of the pancakes we had.
My Papaya Soup with Pork Chop and Egg at Anchorpoint's Xin Wang Cafe (: 
Awesome shop we found at Parkway Parade! Went mad looking at all the super pretty stuff!!! -still thinking of the diary I saw which cost $28-
Mel's 22nd at East Coast Park!
The person who planned this entire event. 
Heart Shape and Mel formed with Tea Light Candles. Surprise from Allen to Mel.
IFG Badminton Team :D Old Banana Man lol.
Oppa Gangnam Style... no idea whose idea it was.
Dirty Songminghan who used all his ten fingers and his palms to eat crabs.
4 Black Pepper Crabs and Durians for us at Sharon's place (:
Red Velvet and Chocolate Fudge Cake from Cedele!
Waikit's 22nd (:
'Xclusively (:

Alright, time for bedddddddd :D

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