Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's All In The Mind

I surprised myself by running 2.5km today. The weather was so good, I felt I could do with that bit of running. I even walked the stairs up to my house instead of taking the lift! Brains shouting out "fitgirl90".

Today was a "try-out new route" day. I took the train to Caldecott instead of taking the usual 151 after my lessons ended. Got out of the station and stared at patches of grassland, and 2 banglas. I wasn't expecting such an ulu sight. Google mapped with the 9% of battery life left and managed to figure out which general direction to go. As soon as I reach the end of the straight route, I recognized the place and walked home with a sense of achievement.

I feel like an author today with the way I'm phrasing my words. It must have been the amount of reading that I've done for the past 4 days which caused me to be like this. I'm secretly happy I finished 2 books in 4 days. One having 398 pages and the other 898. Somehow, I realized I actually enjoy reading. When people ask me, "Do you read books?", my usual reaction will be "No, I haven't read a book (storybook) since JC?" But there, I just read 2 books within 4 days. I sat on my bed for hours just reading the book and basically threw my studies aside for the past few days.

Yes, and back to my run. I think it was the weather. Usually, I get tired after running about 800m, no joke. Today was different. Even though I really missed the fit days in JC where I ran 2.4 in 11:21 (Yes, the record I'll remember for life. I must have been really quite fit) and would love to be so fit again, I detest running. I hate hate hate hate running. But, today the hatred dissipated and even after running, I felt alright, fine, not dying! (: Proud of myself!

I'm pretty much starving at the moment due to the exercise and I've been stuffing myself with super yummy marshmellows from Muji that flabbylebby bought :D The effort just went down the drain...

This is a wordy post with only 1 photo. Today, I learnt the most difficult equations during my lessons. When the lecturer kept saying dz over dy etc, all that went through my head was "dz.... dz.... really dizzy...." It was the most most most most most most most crazy, difficult, incomprehensive, mad stuff that I've ever learnt since I entered NUS? Thinking about it scares me because I don't know if I'll ever understand it! @.@

And I was just going to complain about how le boyfriend is a slut cause he didn't reply my whatsapp but replied someone else on facebook... But, I decided to open whatsapp to reply other friends first and tadah, his reply came. Soooo, not as much a slut anymore because he replied at about the same time. 

Right, my head is getting real giddy from staring at the laptop. Maybe it's from the afternoon after I got dizzy hearing so much about dz's.. I still don't understand why the lecturer must teach us such difficult and incomprehensive stuff >:( 

Ending off with a Royalties photo we took that Andrew made us like because he doesn't want to look like a loser who uploaded a photo with nobody liking it. We celebrated Eun's birthday at Vivo :D And looking at the photo, I just got reminded once again, there's this guy who looks 99% like Aaron in my class today. His face looks like Aaron, his expression looks like Aaron, his style looks like Aaron, he's really really just 99% like Aaron. It's weird how someone can look so much like another... I want to find a twin too so I know how others see me as. 

And a random thing that came to my mind.. I was clearing my whatsapp chat, deleting the convos that aren't in use anymore. Every single time I tried to delete this one particular convo off, either my phone hangs, or whatsapp closes the app by itself. And when I open it again, the convo is still there... why doesn't my phone want me to delete that away??? #mysterytobesolved

Alright. back to alien invasion.

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