Thursday, September 27, 2012

How Great Is Our God?

I drafted this post two days ago, but I can't finish it because my concentration span is so short, I kept giving up. 

It's Big Bang's concert on Saturday and Aaron is going for the concert!!! Songminghan just asked me to pay $291 to get the VVIP tickets. And here I am.. dying to go but unwilling to part with the money! ): 

I've eating lots of good food these days, it's making the efforts of running go down the drain! >:(

Yup, I feel like sleeping now so I'm gonna move on with the photos and end this quickly!

NUS Ytf finally came back from a hiatus of a few weeks! The queue is crazy but I'm a happy girl after I managed to get my Mi Fen Laksa Jia Mi Fen (Beehoon Laksa add Beehoon)! (:

Was trying to combine the photos together but I couldn't... so a gif it became. Keenan and Aaron! We were celebrating Andrew's birthday at Brotzeit, the german restaurant at Vivocity.
Birthday boy on the phone (:
Taken with the Line Camera which is pretty aewsome!
Bacon Pizza!
Platter for 4-5 which we shared among 6. Pork Chop, Pork Knuckle and many many sausages. $88++
The platter comes with two sides which you can choose from I think 8? We had potato wedges and mashed potato! The mashed potato is wonderfullllll! (:
Had to resort to using the cup to prevent the fire from being blown off by the wind! We had to shift inside the restaurant cause it started raining halfway through the meal and we, along with the food, got wet.
Kt, Andrew, Eun (:
Xiaoken, Me, Gabby, Aaron! (:
Royalties! :D
It was IFG Closing Ceremony on Friday and I got the team to go down to collect bears and the medals with me! But when we reached, they said all the coupons for the bears had been given out soooo the rest of them became really disappointed. And halfway through, I begged Ek for the coupon and his friend gave me his cause he didn't want it.... so I ended up being the only one with the bear #guilty But I managed to get Esther one too since Weiyuan didn't want it either (((:

Medal presentation to the team mates!
Ding Kai. New addition to our team. He went for sports camp so yeah, he was a familiar face. Dk likes to tell me which guys are handsome and that made me wonder if he was gay. But nope, he's straight because he loves to look at girls too (:
Levia! Super nua girl who's forever saying she's lazy! Super gentle and sweet her says she has a very complicated life. hahaha.
Kelvin! "What do you want to play?" "Anything" "Who are you comfortable with?" "Anyone" "Can you not say anything?" "Everything". Yup, that's Mr. Anything/Everything/Nothing guy who called someone a prof because he has little hair/is slightly balding.
Wan Cing! Small girl whom we stir with Kelvin. She was trying to do the "tilt head" pose after the rest kept saying I do that. Nice try.
Yingxi! Fellow Year 4 who started playing IFG since Year 1! She's a super pro player and she has the coach feel! (: 
Another photo of Yingxi which Kelvin purposely posted...
Ian! Doesn't look exceptionally nice here but he's the eyecandy of almost all the girls. My junior in Science (Kityee) goes crazy when she sees him. He's Mr. Dai Yang Tian lookalike (not in this photo though) and is a Shao Nv Sha Shou (Teenage girls killer). 
Esther!!! The craziest girl who never fails to entertain me. The things she says always make me burst out laughing looking at my phone because she's funny like that. Love her to bits and yup awesome entertainer!!!!
Ivan! Mr. Potato and Old Banana Man. I've known him as I was Year 2 and he was Year 1. Captain last year and a good friend! (: He's bitchy like a girl and likes to irritate me with the "What are you doing" tactic. Sometimes he does reallllly nice things and you go "awwww, so nice of you" but sometimes, you feel like slapping him upside down.
Arts IFG Badminton 3rd! (:
And sharing a verse from Philippians 4 : 6-7
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

And a random photo which really did happen!

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