Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Than A House, More Like A Home

I feel really guilty doing nothing the entire day and just surfing the net because honors is crazily difficult and I should be studying. 1 week into the semester and I'm going crazy with what they're teaching ):

But I really like some photos from the previous week so I came to blog about them :D 

I'm getting out of fangirl mood already, but when the lecturer mentioned "Big Bang" 6-7 times during lecture, my mind still went "Wow Fantastic Baby" and "Boom Shakalaka".. It has entered my subconscious mind. And now Big Bang playlist is playing while I'm typing not because I'm crazy over them, but because their songs are nice. I believe I'll get sick of the songs soon since it's been on repeat pretty often.

Anyhow, I realized taking up the IFG Badminton Captain role was a mistake. The deadlines are soooo tight, I'm going crazy! Finding qualified players is another problem. The players who were in IVP last year aren't allowed to play!!! @.@ Feel like doing a taichi now.

Blue photos!

Joel, Wilson & Gim Siong. All the Lao Laos who went back for O'week.
Wilson & Yunzheng. The Super Lao Laos.
Chock (: 
Lebby and I went to Gardens By The Bay and got roasted. The poor boy was perspiring like mad the entire time.

Badminton w the JC team mates :D
Missing Jason and Sherman!
Wear S House shirt day. No school that day I went down to talk cock with them :D
Nick, Jocelyn & Sonia.

Love all these photos that Sonia edited (:

On a random note, I'm getting lazier and lazier these days ))):

Shall end this post with a nice song:

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