Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fan Girl Lemmy

It's fangirlmengs90 here again! XD It's day 0 for school today because Mondays & Tuesdays are free days!!!

Okay, it might be cause I only managed to get 3 modules (I'm supposed to be taking 4) and I haven't balloted for my tutorials. So yeah, freegirlmengs had time to watch shows and meet up with friends with the time I'm left with before school starts (:

And I'm into Big Bang now because JALJALS randomly talked about bringing Top & GD back from Korea when Pat went there for holiday. Sooooo, I was watching all the shows with them and had a hard time deciding between Top/GD because they were both good. And Tangs insisted that I can't take them both because they're from the same group ): So I either share GD with Gabby & Shun (1/3 each), or share Top with Pat & Lings (1/3 each too!)...

And I'm glad to announce that.......... Top > GD

This video made me super happy cause Bingu Top is so Bingu!

Yes, as you can tell... this being a fangirlmengs90 blog post, I'm not really gonna talk much except to blog about how fangirl I am now, and how cute Big Bang is and how their songs are really really really nice. #addictedfangirl

And I even watched Big Bang's concert wahaha. Told you it's fangirlmengs90.blogspot.com for this post :D

Fangirlmengs90 also randomly tell Caleb "Fantastic Baby" for the whole of Monday because that's Big Bang's song too (:

*Bom Shakalaka Bom Shakalaka Bom Shakalaka*

And today's wear S House shirt day :D Sooooo, a photo of the three oldies (:

Sonia & Zhenyu :D

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