Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crying Spree

Here to blog about life again while taking a break from the crying spree. Yups, current show: Secret Garden. Yes, you don't have to tell me it's a really long ago show, I know! I'm at the sad-to-the-max-I-can't-believe-I-cried-for-the-entire-episode episode and it's sad.

Life is good for now because my event just ended today! (: Had some screw-ups here and there but it was all good :D Yesterday and today were the busiest day of my entire internship. There were so many people calling me, I felt like I'm some millionaire businessman. 

The cycle goes like this...

1. Office phone rings and I answer the call.
2. While talking to person on the office phone, work handphone rings.
3. Quickly finish with the person on the office phone and pick up the work phone.
4. While talking on the work phone, second person trying to get me on the work phone. So in other words, there's a second line.
5. Sometimes I manage to pick up the second line, sometimes I failed.
6. While talking on the work phone, some people come and look for me personally at my workplace.
7. Finally done with person who came personally, the cycle starts again!

And this excludes the emails I get too. I was practically Sistic for this event. Taking orders, allocating seats, collecting money, printing tickets and basically really do everything about ticketing.

Today I woke up happily, thinking that life will be great after today. And yup, after today, but not today. I had 5 missed calls and 3 messages on the work phone when I woke up. Ate a mouth of rice and more calls came... finished talking to the person, either a second line or I start eating 2 more mouthful of rice before another phone call came in. 

And yadah yadah yadah, it's a never ending story of how busy I was these two days.

So that marks the end of my events (: Now what's left are the clearing of the backlog and wrap up (:

Photos :D

Colby & Anita!
Nerdy girl me, Sexy Anita and Mean Gracia.
Nat the terrorist..
"Sir, you left your bag.."
"Not mine, not mine"
Ah Cai 007.
Nerdygirls90 - Lijie.
Ocomm fan girls in the making of the music video - I want it that way (:
All dressed in black coincidentally :D 
In matching outfit w Jiahui!
The ex-Colby smile. He proudly whatsapped me a photo of his super shiny white teeth and promised he wouldn't be smiling like this anymore! 

Sports Camp Ocomm! (:
HR & Anita.
Admin Team :D

Old Airport Gang.
HR Dinner at Ritz Carlton!!! Free buffet dinner (((:

The awesomest char siewwww :D

I had a small piece of cheese (can't remember which) and it was smelly likeeeeeee db.
Arbite w 'xclusive! 
Seafood baked potato thingy which is realllyyy good.
Love Songminghan's expression!
Hi meet Minghan's finger.

Ramen at Millennia Walk.

The Cheesecake Cafe!! I likeeee. The price isn't cheap but the ambience is  awesome. Deco - 100 points. 

Look at the backgroundddd :D 

Chocolate Cheesecake which was normal. Joshua recommended it so we tried it.. but we both felt it was a little strange. But flabs said it became yummier after eating more.
Mango Cheesecake! :D Niceeeee.
S House Chalet. Boys arguing over how much salt to put.
Supper w other colleagues on Monday at Buffet Town!! I LIKEEEEE. Though Ritz has fresher oyster and sashimi, I think the variety at Buffet Town is better (:

Farewell for Yeestherrr ):
Lizhen :D
Fong Lin who's forever closing her eyes in pictures. Likea shirley! And I drew the sign for Yeesther cause she sat at my place after I moved and people kept going to her when they want to return pledge cards to me which was supposed to be for Jenny.

Siewlili, my fellow intern (: She just left yesterday, leaving me alone ):

Biggg photo of Yeesther :D
JALJALS dinner at Medz :D
Wild Mushroom pizza.

Kebab sandwich was quite good except for the fact that the bread's a lil hard.
Supper at Rochor after dins! 
Soup Spoon dinner w Lebby! Caesar salad at Soup Spoon is my loveeeeeee.
Meal at the canteen. We usually don't eat at the school canteen unless it's raining/going to rain. This  is an example of why people think I'm forever hungry/eat a lot because I do :O :O :O 
Pass for the event. Co-ordinator sounds super zai :D
This is Lina, she likes to call me Jasmine because one random day when she was calling out for Jasmine, I was kpo so  I turned my head and tadah, my name is Jasmine. She's gonna murder me if she knows that I posted this on facebook...
Jenny, the finance executive whom I worked with the most. There was this period where we'll see each other and go "we're going to die together" cause we have sooooooo much money to count and so many pledge cards to consolidate.
Yeesther who is veryyy nice to me! She bought me bubble tea when I was on duty and waited for me just to walk to mrt with me :DDD
Soo Ting :D
Going back to crying spreeeeeee!!!!!!

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