Thursday, August 30, 2012

2 Meals VS 4 Meals

You wake up, eat brunch, go for lessons, come home, have dinner, do work, and sleep. Sometimes when there's training, there's exercise in between the "go for lessons" and "come home" part, you end up feeling even hungrier. That's school life.

Work's totally different. You wake up in the morning, have breakfast at home, reach home, have breakfast with colleagues at work, work, have lunch, work, have tea break, work, go home, have dinner, slack and sleep. 4 meals a day makes you have a tummy okay. 

I forgot why I came over to blog... and I ran out of things to say. I think it's time for bed because I'm hungry.

Handburger with Lebbs. I like their Caesar Salad (: Fightable with Soup Spoon's! 
Korean Seoul Good Burger with Mushroom Soup which is good too (:
Pay with Citibank card with purchases of 2 burgers and you get a free brownie :D
Dessert Bowl after Mahjong with part of 'Xclusive.
The look left, look down, look right, look up pose.
:D Mahjong Khakis.
Photoshoot with Cai for Pat's relative's Boutique at Nex!

The lady has really comfy and nice boots!!! It's awesome that all three of us share the same shoe size! :D

Model Caicai. 

This is such a useless post once again =/ Hunger makes my brains go empty. So goodnight and........goodnight.

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