Friday, July 6, 2012

This is life

It's not surprising why most people blog when they're not feeling too good, isn't it? And yeah, I just happen to fall right into this category.

This whole week had been crazy. Crazily busy I barely have time to go to the toilet. When the clock struck five, and I saw all my colleagues happily waving goodbye.. My face went from :| to :( literally. Couldn't knock off because I had tons of work left. *emo talk going on here*

Rushed like a dog and tried my best to complete as much as possible, but nope it was to no avail. Supervisor came over at 5plus to add more work for me.

Then I was sooooo tired I sent the wrong file to the big bosses and left for home at 6plus. And omgwth got a call from my supervisor telling me I attached the wrong file. And I got forced to give my password (universal password for all my accounts) to her.

And here I am, blogging because I'm feeling really down. Then I started thinking if someone surprised me now with something nice, I'll probably fel better. But y'know, that's called daydreaming.

This somehow feels like a composition and I'm typing it on the bus. I think the man sitting beside me will be thinking why I keep typing and typing non-stop but... that's in fact rather therapeutic. So yeah I'm reaching interchange and surprisingly I'm not having horrible motion sickness for typing non-stop.

This is life.

And once again, every time I'm depressed, I always end up having Maggie for dinner. It's like the Maggie knows.

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