Sunday, July 22, 2012

Do You Have Any Grapes?

Hiiii. It's been a while.

It's 22nd July and internship officially ends on 8th August. I'll survive the 2.5 weeks left!!! Interning at Pathlight is good. The people are awesome. Genuinely nice people. I really thank God for all the nice people he put in my life. Really. Hearing stories from other friends about their crazy bosses always makes me feel really appreciative and glad that everyone in the school is sane and nice (:

This holiday has been interesting. Almost everyday there is something exciting to look forward to after work or during the weekendds. Meetups with different groups of friends, badminton with colleagues, dinner with TS gang, bubble tea party with more colleagues, NDP with JALS, Marche, St Games & Old Airport with Sports Camp Ocommers, laser quest & wii with Red house, AVSW event that I've been planning for, food with Lebbs and meetup with Anita, Austen and Cai! 

Many many overdue photos (:

At the row of shophouses along Balestier (: After Sports Camp, I became tanner and the camera decided to stop focusing on my face anymore. In almost all the photos, my face is dark even when everyone else is bright. #truestory

Looking so happy in our ponchos when we were not. I accidentally pulled out the string to tighten the head area when I was taking out the poncho and I ended up holding my poncho for the entire NDP!! ): 
Playing with the light in the pompom thing after the rain finally stopped.
Laser tag. Had 3 days of muscle ache after playing this!
NDP collage that Tangs made (:
Flabby the Macs delivery man who bought me breakfast at 7am and sent me to work :D
Dinner with the TS gang, Soe, Jueying and Chester. It was Jueying's treat! :D  
The drawings were all done by the students (:
Esther & Loretta :D
I was selling the tickets for the concert for the event. 
Yeesther and her helium balloons.
Failed shot of me trying to fly up with the balloons.
Fighting for balloons.
KFC porridge for breakfast :D

Faz :D

Super cute Monkey Balloon!!!
Hot Tomato's set meal! It's goooood! 
Esther saw me having difficulty cutting the steak and she cut them up nicely for me! :D Likea mama. I know this looks really gross but it's pretty good :D 
Old Airport with SC Ocommers!
Ice Cream from Marble Slab! Special Offer cause Engkwan is working there! :D 
Waffles with Cookies & Cream Ice Cream & Oreo & Kit Kat :D
Thai food near Bishan :D (Forgot the name of the restaurant) but the food is gooooood!! :D
The pile of work D:
Corn Miso Ramen at Ramen Play. 
Lebby's Tonkotsu Ramen.
Bubble Tea Party with lots of food with the colleagues! (I know the bubble tea and the colleagues and the lots of food are missing from this photo, but yessss it still is a bubble tea party!)
Too short straw for the too tall jug.
Stupid Anhong failed to cover them and fell over....
Colleagues :D

Prata at Casuarina :D
Thank you Anita for the treat :D

It's 1.51am :O

Note to a good friend:
Sometimes the phrase "follow your heart" doesn't work when your brains can't link directly to your heart. But just to let you know, no matter what happens, I'll be there to listen (:

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