Thursday, July 5, 2012

51 Random Order Photos

Hey friends :D I'm back with many many outdated photos and they are in random order because I'm too lazy to organize them and it's 20 minutes to my bedtime. Plan to sleep at 1030pm failed almost everyday because I don't reach home in time. 

Life has been eventful. Did sports camp. Worked with many kinds of people. Saw many people broke down. Faced many people's horrible sides. Made friends. Was happy for a week without work. Was busy like crap. And yup, now still busy like mad due to work. I've so much work to do, my supervisor asked me to work on Saturday!!! 

Wished I was back in camp.. even though the HR team went through crap, it's still much better than having to work. 

I think it's been too long since I blogged, I sort of lost the touch on how to blog interestingly. Okay, maybe I haven't been interesting before.. but it feels like I can't continue my sentences anymore.

I went to Science Centre with Lebby a long while ago.

Sports Camp Photos:
Anita, the vpd :D 
Slumber party! Yijiao & scary Cai at the back.
Rachel :D
Admin girls :D
With Sharon who came to crash for a few days to act as if she's in ocomm.
Too bored so Nat & I started a balloon fight!
Pillow fight 
"Covering people's face" game.
Jiahui drew the arrow and !!! there.. but no, there's not the biggest my muscles can go.
Zisheng the baika.
I'm inside the left ball..
Random JALJALS photo!!!

Pumba. The OG who attacked me with Ice Cream.

This is Tang, my crazy friend.

More slumber photos. With Jiahui :D
More craziness of her coming up..
Holding her imaginary cup with her left hand. 

Just look at Tang's pose... awesome, simply awesome.
More model poses.. lol. 
Uh huh, and moreeee :D
Wee Beng!

Tried out Goemon with Lebbs yesterday and we had to eat spaghetti with chopsticks!

Vermicelli at Fat Cat :D 
Butter Chicken which tasted like Pumpkin Soup.
As Yunzheng commented, this is spectacular.
The Indian dessert which cost $1 each. Notttt niceee..
Dessert Bowl for Durian Mousse and Ai Yu Mango!
Canoe day with the farmer's hat.
Happily took Derrick and Junwei's hat while they were happily sleeping. 

Posing like the Owl and Giraffe at Udders!
That's the end of the 51 photos. It's 1027pm.. and I ended this earlier than I've expected.

Wasted time looking at people on facebook. 1035pm. Goodnight! And once again, it's an incoherent post :D

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