Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's Been Going On?

I know I've been missing for really long. And yeah once again, I'm gonna say that work is taking my life away. The past few weeks have been eventful, so I'm not complaining. I get to meet many people, had to do a lot of work, and basically had no show time most of the time.

So what do I do at work? I'm a "Special Projects Intern" so I handle projects. Everyone in the office has to know me because they've to collect stuff from me and/or book tickets with me. So in other words, I'm a "bao ka liao" person if you know what I mean.

Interesting colleagues I have. Today we're going for a bubble tea session just for fun. Gonna have bubble tea and finger food :D

This blogger is strange. I'm typing this while working btw cause I'm sleepy and I don't feel like doing my work. I watch an episode of drama daily. Currently I'm watching "Yours Faithfully" which is the 9pm Channel 8 drama because it's in chinese and I can understand it even if I'm not watching the screen half of the time.

Yupppp. Life's been good so far. So, we're moving on to the "what's happening in my life" part now.

I eat a lot everyday. Usually lunch includes the main course and some snacks. I gained 2-3kg of weight after working for a month. Eat, Eat and basically eat more.

I drink a lot. Of water. I'm usually a camel, but working makes me drink a lot of water because when you have nothing to do, you drink water.

I went to the zoo. Lebbs' company has free pass to the zoo and Science Centre so we went to both. The photos are still in my phone and I've yet to transfer them over to my laptop to upload. And now that Colby Dave happily took home my charger, so I can't upload photos and I have to borrow the charger from my retarded colleague, Esther, everyday.

I sat on the bumpy lorry and almost lost my life. Okay I'm exaggerating.. it just gets pretty scary when the driver is Daniel. It's either we fly over humps or the lorry rolls down..

I played SP as a boy and I named myself David Harrison Beckham. Not because I like David Beckham, his name just happened to be the first to appear in my head. Yup, I'm the man.

Played some banana game during Ocomm camp. Yup, further emphasis on how I'm a boy.

Went to Sharon's place for atas steamboat! It was funny catching up with the girls. Awesome food, awesome company (:

Went for Arts Camp Precamp and took happy photos :D
Got chased by supposedly zombies during camp..

Danced with 200% energy so that we can lose off the weight that we've gained from work!

Matchmake boys and girls so that they can find their true love.

Laugh with the most gigantic and widest mouth ever because this game is so exciting.
Alright, so this is a short update of my life. It's about 2 more hours till I knock off. Can't wait!!!!!

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