Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sweetness Overload

I was watching "Love Rain" and experienced an overload of sweetness.

Then I happily continued watching... and yup, the usual sad "for friends" or "for family" scenes came out which made my mood go from (((((: to ))))):

So I'm going to bed with a ))))): mood.

Moral of the story? Dramas always have some really sad plot in the middle of nowhere but eventually you'll end up with a "happily ever after" ending most of the time, and we shouldn't see it as reality.

It's not as if scenes from the show will work out in reality. Falling in love in 3 seconds? Being the girl to change the bad boy? Bad boy liking some nerdy girl?

Noooo. Totally not possible. Unless you're super good looking like the male lead, I don't think girls will fall head over heels for you in 3 seconds. And no, don't think you're the nice and sweet and innocent girl who can change the bad boy. Bad boys are bad boys. Sometimes good boys are also bad boys. So in general, most boys are bad boys? And unless you look really nice while you're nerdy, most guys won't take a second look at you.

So in conclusion, the world is superficial.

And the ))): mood goes on.

Developed this phobia of going onto facebook recently. Facebook phobia. For a reason I can't tell people.

It.s 1251am and it's been long since I've had a good sleep. I really hope I can get a good night rest tonight.

Actually I've developed some other phobias.. other than Facebook phobia. M_______ phobia.. P______ phobia..

This is what nonsense I talk at 1253am.

I really wish things don't evolve to being just habits. I think we all need some excitement in life. Being dramatized by shows has proved to be a horrible thing because you just keep expecting more and more but no, things don't happen like that in reality.

Wake up, Lai Meng.

Oh the irony. I'm supposed to go to bed, but wake up my idea.

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