Friday, June 22, 2012

Confessions Of A Shoppaholic

Hi. I'm here to make a confession, as the title suggests.

Gmarket is a horrible place, I just placed orders like mad these two days and spent a hundred dollars on shoes and clothes. Psychoing works best when I tell myself "I need these, they are neccessities".

I hope all the items are in good condition when they arrive. I hope my mum doesn't get a shock because I'll probably be in camp when they arrive..

Last day of work before I go for camp. I ate 2 rice dumplings in the morning but I'm feeling hungry now.. but the good thing is, I've a good supply of food stored.

It's swimming with Shar & Cai after work today! Then over to Shar's place to meet 'Xclusive for stayover session :D Saturday's meeting starts at 12, Sunday I've to reach school at 10am for Sports Camp Day 1.

Sports Camp Photos:

Picnic at Botanic Garden! :D

All the girls from Ocomm!

Supposedly the SNSD pose?

That's it for now!!!

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