Thursday, May 17, 2012

Work Life

Hi. I'm here finally.

Work is taking my life away. My daily routine has became...

1. Wake up at 6.23am.
2. Get ready, leave house at around 7am.
3. Board 159 at interchange at 7.11am.
4. Reach work at 7.40am.
5. Go for lunch at 1pm.
6. Knock off at 5.30pm.
7. Reach home at 6.30pm.
8. Have dinner.
9. Watch my show.
10. Bathe at 8pm.
11. Sleep at 10.15pm.

And the cycle begins again. Yup I'm loving my no-life life though. My colleagues are great. They always give me food :D Yesterday, my big boss gave me a gigantic slice of cheesecake. Today. another nice lady gave me banana cake. Esther gave me Donut and Lina gave me biscuits. I love my colleagues :D

Work's pretty alright too. So yayness for working at Pathlight (:

And yup, it's 10.00pm I'm gonna get ready to sleep!

On a random note, temptations aren't exactly that difficult to fight against.

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