Monday, May 7, 2012

What Happened In April?

I've been slacking my ass off after exams ended. Too happy, just too happy! (:

The first window that opens when I open Google Chrome is actually my blog.. but somehow I just feel so busy (the irony I know) after exams that I didn't bother blogging. April was fulfilling, despite being the exam period. I celebrated many birthdays, I met up with many friends, I studied with awesome friends, I had fun, I kept eating at Hwangs, I slept a lot...

Enjoyed life basically (:

After exams' meeting up with more friends and eating a lot a lot a lot. I'm here to spam photos because I got motivated by Shun. She tweeted me "hungrygolemmy", and messaged to ask me about dessert places. So I felt like a guru and wanted to blog and share about yummy food places! :D

I can't multi-task I realized. I'm listening to my show and typing at the same time... So, it's time for photos! (:

Aaron the birthday boy. Forced him to smile with his teeth! He kept complaining how there is some problem with his teeth bla bla bla... but don't y'all think he looks nicer smiling with teeth? :D

Birthday Boy with Eun and Andrew :D 
Xiaoken and Keenan :D
Annie :D

Studied at NP with the two lovelies (:

Lil bouncing her pen!
Took a photo with my best Econs buddy Seb who's graduating!! ):
Wore my Aladin pants for my last paper! And made Hanxie do the leg-lift thingy w me! But my IPhone couldn't capture it..
Prata with 'Xclusive at R.K Eating House after mahjong and stayover at Sharon's place.
Arbite Cafe at Serangoon Garden! The mushroom soup is pretty good (:
Starter: Beef Tataki! It's somewhat raw beef with Mushrooms and Truffle. SUPER GOOD and the portion is quite generous! (:
Eggs Benedict! I like! :D Crispy bread and awesome poached eggs!
Seafood Pie. I didn't try this..
Prawn Aglio Olio with some Mee Pok noodles. I don't like this!
My Chicken w Raisin Rice. Alright, so so.
Ernest's Beef Truffle Burger.
Tofu and Lentil Stack. JJ's Vegetarian meal (:
Durian Mousse at Dessert Bowl at Gardens! (: Introduced this to Lily and she loved it. Soooo yeahhhh :D
Salmon Sashimi! :D Buffet at Mandarin Hotel Triple Three! 
"Let's go to Candy Mountain Charlie!"
With the lil boy. Verdict: $60++ for the buffet isn't that worth it cause the variety is quite limited!
The crazyyyy boy.
PS Cafe with the Chem Engine peeps. $7 Cold Chocolate w the $9.90 Carrot Cake. Atas!!!
Awesome Ice Cream at Ci Gusta. Lemon Meringue Pie, Dark Chocolate and Pino Pinguino! :D
New heels from Charles and Keith!!!! 
With Pamela :D The most cheerful girl in Ocomm! She's forever smiling!
Nat the most retarded guy who's crazy! We were playing Polar Bear before the meeting.
Ernest, Sonia, Zhenyu, Me, JJ :D S House Swee!

Dim Sum brunch! (:
Helped Lily for her work and became a "candy girl" for 2 hours. It's basically just getting customers to try out their new products (:
Story that Lings came up with.. Guy flying kite, lots of clouds, started raining, rained cats and dogs. cats chasing mouse, mouse eating cheese, cheese trap, man at trap, man flying kite and the story repeats.
Multitasking at its maximum! Listening and watching show, blogging and talking on facebook.

Starting work on Tuesday ))))': Tomorrow's the last day of enjoyment. Suki Buffet and Avengers and Haircut!!!!

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