Saturday, April 21, 2012

Worthy is the Lamb / How Great is our God

Here to share 2 songs I particularly love (:

For your information (though most of you are already informed), I finally secured an internship this vacation! Thank God really! (: I panicked for a period of time and caused everyone around me suffer from my rants and all. But I eventually left it for him to decide for me and all was good (:

I'm gonna intern at Pathlight. It's a school for autistic children and I'll be doing event management which involves getting sponsorships, liaising with the sponsors, and mainly handling the administrative work. The pay isn't fantastic but it's God's will so I'm happy! (:

I'm starting work on 8 May.. I end exams on 2nd. There isn't much time for me to enjoy as you can tell. Meeting my Korean tutorial group mates on the 3rd for Korean BBQ and Kbox (they're super excited about it), 4th is Kbox with Mr. BusyColbyDaveLai. 7th is Buffet with LebbyWong. Seems like there is a lot of food involved (:

I'm not entirely excited about starting work because it means waking up at 6+ am and being in the office for a good 9 hours before I can knock off at 5pm. And my contract requires me to work on Saturday if there is a need to. I'm sincerely hoping there isn't a need to. I wouldn't want to work 6 out of 7 days. I really would love to sleep in till 12pm like what I'm doing these days despite exams are nearing. Likeapig I know. But that's just making full use of my remaining time to sleep before work starts!!!

Temptations. Isn't that what all of us is fighting against each day?

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