Monday, April 23, 2012

Why Cheat My Feelings?

I was online shopping super happily at this blogshop with crazy amount of clothes. Happily clicking stuff into my cart because the clothes are mostly within the 9-15 dollars range. But just when I was about to check out, I realized the prices listed are WHOLESALE PRICES!!! And since I was only buying 4 items, I had to multiply 1.65 to the price of all my items and pay that price instead! )))):

Super emo x 10000 now because I saw really nice clothes! I saw some selling at blogshops for $20++!!! But I obviously wouldn't be able to reach 15 pieces unless I buy those that are just so-so. Whyyyyy???? )))):

Why can't they let me get the wholesale price? ))):

Gonna give up all the clothes now because I can't reach 15 ))): Boohoohoo. I spent an hour looking through almost 400 items to get 4 that I especially liked.

Okay... I must stop shopping so much. I've more than 10 pieces of new clothing in my wardrobe which I haven't worn before. Study week is pretty much shopping week because I do crazy amount of shopping online. More is coming by the way. I need to curb my spending!!!!!

I've been studying with Shun and Lings for the past 2 days. Yesterday Minghan, Waikit and Hanxie were at NP too, but at another area. Today while we were studying, Alex came over to look for Shun and Caleb came over too. Lings had really crazy ideas of stopping the car, chasing after the car, taking an alternative route to stop the car, hailing a cab to chase after the car. lol. All the dramatic ideas.

So many things I want currently! I want a hair curler, I want a black cardigan, I want a maroon cardigan, I want a mustard cardigan, I want working clothes, I need working pants, I need working skirts, I want a black satchel, I want a long skirt, I want many many many many things y'know.

Western Food at YIH. See the Fried Bun at the left? It's soaked with oil but really good (most of the time).
He demanded for a Starbucks tumbler for his birthday! I should demand for something for my birthday too!
Toad facing the tree because Sharon says he didn't do his work. He stood at the exact same spot and faced the tree for a really long time. And when we came back from dinner, he hopped to another side of the tree and continued facing it. 
With the owl in Medicine. First time going to Medicine despite being in this school for 3 years!
Inside Just Acia. The food is horrible and expensive.
Random phototaking while waiting for the Waikit who never came back.
The most zilian guy friends I have.
Exercise which I can't do. Requires your thigh and ab muscles and Songminghan (I must drag his name in with mine) and I can't do this! ):
Studied with Shun and Lings and we were all prepared for war :D
Cereal Fried Rice at NP Alumni. The fried rice is tasteless, but the cereal and chilli made up for it. 
After dinner drinks from vending machine (:

Caleb, Lings and I ate at the same place again today. Caleb's Fish and Chips were pretty bad. Lings' Seafood Beancurd was tasteless. My Hongkong noodles was pretty dry but still the best of the three. But the food there is pretty affordable so we weren't that unhappy.

Tuesday's my paper and I'm really sick of studying!!! HELPPPPP.

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