Thursday, April 5, 2012

Teddy Teddy

Long weekend long weekend long weekend ((:

Past week was hectic. Okay, what's new right? I told y'all everyone's drowning. Last Friday was awesome! (: The O commers had a bonding session, we played bonding games, watched 那些年, played RUNNING MAN! :D Awesome ttm game :D But Austen lost his keys while he was escaping and we couldn't find it back so we ended spending a lot of time finding the lost keys. Didn't manage to find it and Ah Cai's dad had to come to school to send us home and them back to school again to collect his car because all our things were inside the car. Came home empty-handedly for the first time..

Saturday was school with Artons. And super randomly he wanted to watch Hunger Games because his friend was raving about it to him. So his dad picked us up in school, went home for a short while before we headed over to J8 for the movie. Overall a not bad movie, but I didn't think it was super super super awesome. If I compare Real Steel and Hunger Games, I'll prefer Real Steel! (:

Church on Sunday, project with Nigel, Shaun and Boon Heng after. Oh no, I don't think I met them last week. I think it was the week before last week.

Okay, Coke machine which gives out Coke when you hug it (:

Lunch after church. Tried this 猪脚冻! (:

Sunday night was March/April babies celebration with 'Xclusive! Went to J8, met up with Engkwan, Hanxie and Waikit for the Jap food. Then the two of them who weren't celebrating birthdays came up with a plan to let us decorate our own birthday cake!

Dinner (:
Plain cake which we were supposed to decorate. According to Waikit, this is 枯燥乏味 although I don't know what that means.

March babies (:
I think I wrote my name really nicely (:
According to Waikit again, 画龙点睛!

And this is 画蛇添足 because I wanted to make the rims purple, and it ended up being black LOL!
Songminghan's funny phone which is taped with black tape on the 4 corners.

Haagen Dazs for dessert!!! (:
Sharon had an essay to rush and she couldn't join us. So we brought the cake over to her place and cut the cake at her place (:
Songminghan: 2nd April
Me: 19th March
Engkwan: 15th March
Awesome birthday cake yo (:

Songminghan wanted to do that action so he can trick me into doing that, but he himself caught in the act :DDD
Hanxie's fail very nice editing.
'Xclusive w/o Mel and LaoBan!
Random movie which I saw on facebook that made me laugh for quite some time!

This week breezed past. It's week 12!!! Monday I crashed a tutorial. Tuesday was long day. Wednesday was presentation and oral test which I screwed up. Today's rest day but I had an interview at 9am. Tmr's a public holiday!!! :D

I need to sleep @.@

Oh, today I bought $2 worth of Humjinpang at Maxwell back home (: 12 Humjinpangs for $2 (:

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