Thursday, April 12, 2012

Picture Perfect Memories

Tomorrow's gonna be the last day of Year 3. My friend pointed out it's Friday, the 13th. It may not be the last day for me, it may be. It's dependent on my results this semester. I've been receiving contrasting views about whether I should continue on the honors track. Some told me it's really useless.. some told me I should if I am able to. It's hard to decide, really. I really wanted God to give me a clear answer too. But somehow the clear answer didn't come... and it left me feeling even more confused and troubled.

I really don't want to leave school. Not prepared and no desire to. Most of my closer friends are leaving though.. so I'l starting to rethink if I should get out into the workplace too. 

Okay, I'm supposed to be studying for my Korean final test now @.@ I keep getting distracted by this Mac of mine. Stop calling out to me, will you?

Free Ice-Cream Day in school :D 
Sonia (: She actually wrote words on pieces of paper for these polariods. Those papers actually say "Tiago Fan Here! :D", "I love Econs" and "Year __ to be!". 
With my Urban lecturer! Sonia, JJ, Paul and Conrad who was in the same tutorial as me! Seb was supposed to take this slot too but he blur-ly balloted for the one before ours. On a side note, Brenda, Wanching and DK were also in the same class!
Korean tutorial class!! (: After the skits, we played 5 stones in class! And I was the overall winner in class LOL! 
Alright, back to Korean. Once tomorrow is over, I'm left with 3 modules and a reflection paper! (:

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