Sunday, April 8, 2012

Here Comes Week 13

Week 13 is approaching. Okay, to be precise, it's tomorrow. Week 13 starts tomorrow. Y'know Week 13 starts tomorrow? Week 13 is the last week of school and it implies that exams are coming!!

I've a presentation tomorrow and I haven't completed it. I need this software called Eviews which only available in computer labs. And I went to school on Saturday supposedly to do it, BUT THE COM LAB WAS CLOSED! Soooo, I've to do last minute work tomorrow in the morning right before my presentation. I'll pray hard that nothing crops up last minute.. if not it's goodbye to my 10% for econometrics.

Life's been enjoyable with all the meetups with friends (even though it's at the expense of my studying time). It's week 12 but it somehow feels like I just ended exams! @.@ That's not a good thing to feel I know.

Let's see. Friday I had Easter service in the morning. Then I forgot what I did on Friday...

Friday.. What did I do on Friday???

Okay, I think I stayed home and did up my presentation slides on Friday. And I slept at 9pm on Friday. lol.

Saturday was the day I went to school at 10am. Waited for lebbs to finish his meeting and we went over to Skyve for all-day breakfast (: Then it was over to City Hall where we got the shopkeeper to put the film into my Diana mini! (: And then to Bugis to meet JALJALS for my belated birthday celebration (: Shopped with Tangs and Lily before we met the rest (minus Annie) at MOF for dinner! (: 

Thank youuuu JALJALS! :DD

And at night, Songminghan randomly asked if I wanted to join them for kbox at Teo Heng. Engkwan, Hanxie, Waikit and him were studying at SIM and they randomly decided to go sing from 12-2am. So off I went to Clementi where they picked me and off to Buona we went. And yeah, special thank you to Songminghan who has to send me home every single time he drives (though Serangoon and tpy isn't exactly very near and I know petrol is very expensive since he has been emphasizing on it!) :D 

Thank you Ah Hannnn. And talking about him, I remember there was once where I wanted to have lunch at Dhoby and I couldn't find anyone to lunch with me. So I called him and he came over to Dhoby from home to have lunch with me at KFC. I was supposed to treat him but I don't think I did. So yeah, this shows that he's a really nice guy (if he doesn't say annoying things most of the time and try to annoy the shit out of you). Single and available he is! (:

Anyhow, today was church and it's gonna be Xiaoken's belated birthday celebration later with Royalties at Thomson! (:

Sports Camp Ocomm Photoshoot:

Humjinpang 6 for $1 from Maxwell Food Centre!
Tau Sa Piah from Loong Fatt at Balestier! Best Tau Sa Piah really!! :D
$6 Cappuccino at Skyve which is located at Newton.
Pancakes with Passion Fruit Butter and Honey Almond Flakes $14.
Breakfast set $20!
Happy Boy.
Finally started using the Diana baby (:
Polariods while waiting for the rest! Thanks to Lily (:
Hot Macha with Macha Sauce.
Salmon in egg sauce.
Plain Soba which Jessica ordered.
My Eel and Shrimp Bibimbap $12.90
Jessica's small Salmon Salad $4.80
Lily's Ramen with Fried Chicken.
They asked one of the waitress for a lighter and this was what she gave to us.
My Yoghurt and Brownie which I dropped on the ground while waiting for Songminghan at Clementi @.@
Ek said this is the Ridiculously Good-Looking Guy. lol.
'Xclusive :D 
Waikit's, Ek's and mine (:

That's all for now! (:

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