Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drift Away

I've been trying to go to bed as early as I can to get sufficient sleep. Somehow I have this tendency to feel tired really easily these days. No mood to study, and I just feel like sleeping. It's not that I'm even overwhelmed with work or what that I feel tired. I just want to sleep. Even if I didn't do anything for the entire day.

I happen to see Abigail at the bus stop and decided to take mrt home since she was going to take the mrt too. And she's the first person who feels nothing about leaving school!!!! I wanna do honors even though my grades aren't fantastic and it probably wouldn't be very useful, because I don't wanna leave school. I'll totally miss the friends taking the same modules as me!!! This semester is awesome, I'm not taking any modules alone!!! :D 

Econometrics is with Brenda and Meigui. Development is with Nigel, Sonia, Shaun and Boon Heng. Urban is with Seb, Sonia, JJ, Paul, Conrad and Connie. Korean lecture I got to know a friend called Peixuan. Korean tutorial there's Seb. MNO there's Austen. 

I feel happy going for lessons because I get to see my friends! Once I get out of school and go to work, all these will be gone )))):

Plus, I also enjoy the random meetups with Ah Cai, Colby, Sharon, and sometimes Abigail, Waikit, Engkwan and Hanxie. I won't be able to do that once I'm out of school ))):

I'll miss the gossips and the "sit-at-random-benches-and-decide-if-the-person-has-a-hdb-face-or-not" moments with Sonia and Nigel who was forced to do that with us. I'll miss the "talk-to-Seb-and-realize-the-girl-he-thinks-is-super-pretty-is-in-my-tutorial-group-group" times. I'll just miss all the fun you get when you're in school.

That aside, I've about a month time to mourn about getting out of school after my exams. Tomorrow there's Korean skit and I've to memorize my 6-7 minutes skit ): Korean's one module I deeply regretted taking. Though it's fun I get to annoy JJ when Seb and I converse in Korean, it's super time-consuming I wish I can drown the module.

I came here to post this photo that my friend uploaded. And I digressed.. I know. But it's inevitable because when people don't feel happy, they rant.. and they rant.. and they rant.. and they rant non-stop. Like me.

Oh, I'll miss doing camps for sure! Getting to know funny/weird/retarded people.

Okay, there's still a MNO reflection paper due on 19th )): 

Yeahhh, a really sweet photo in my opinion.. Somehow when I see the words "sweet photo", my brains processes it as "sweet potato"... sweet photo sweet potato sweet photo sweet potato sweet photato.

My friend and his girlfriend sent each other a message at the same time as you can see. Isn't that coincidentally sweet? 
With my loves (: Lings, Jessica, Lily, Pat and Joyce. And of course not forgetting Annie who couldn't make it! :D
Food from MOF! Not fantastic, really.
Can't wait for exams to be over!

Seb just sent a message saying, "Fighting! For tml's last tut together in nus :)"

)))): And my face went from ): to ))))))): SO EMOOOOOO OMGGGG. I'm so gonna miss StupidSeb when he leaves school ))): The entire Korean class thinks we're a couple because we're such good friends. We're not a couple, but we're really good buddies! I'll totally miss taking modules with him! ):

And StupidSeb just replied such emo stuff OMG.... I think it's my first time crying over a guy friend.. )': (excluding the times when I cried when Songminghan and Austen scolded me)

I shall put an end to this emo post. Bye!

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