Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April :D

Today I had dinner at KFC. Tonight I realized we got cheated! $5 special 2-piece chicken meal and the Double Down meal is supposed to cost $11.90 but we got the Buddy meal and got cheated of $0.90!!!! @.@

I'm having my study break now! My exams are on 24th, 25th and 2nd. My reflection paper is due on 19th April. I really really really really really hate writing essays.

The whole of April has been eventful. Celebrated many birthdays and met up with many cliques of people :D 

Many overdue photos that I forgot to blog about!

Dinner at Thomson steamboat with Royalties to celebrate Xiaoken's birthday (: The steamboat supposedly cost $26.90++.. after including the drinks, cake and Xiaoken's share, each of us paid $53!!! @.@
Birthday boy :D
Aaron who wanted to cut my cake the other time finally got his chance to cut a cake. 
Derek who said he's always sitting next to me during steamboats.
The very kind waitress took 5 shots of us and she happily counted "1, 2, 3, 4....." and we had to pose for really long.
Really nice MNO lecturer treated the entire class to Macs :D
Jo Hann and Austen. BFFs.
With the super nice lecturer (:
Last day of lesson with Seb!!!! 
Super yummy Roti John Chicken Special at Spize at Bedok Simpang! SUPER SUPER NICE!! 
Maggie Goreng Pattaya! Yummy too :D
Grandmama :D
And she looks so happy here ((:
Pork Cutlet Curry Rice at 313. $12 - $1 for less rice :D The Pork isn't very tender but the curry was yummy (:
Chicken Curry Rice $11 - $1 for less rice too. 
There's 1 for 1 at Maggie Moo on Fridays! Everything is 1 for 1. 2 scoops that size is $6.80. So we got 4 scoops for $6.80!
Lebby got a pink shirt from Uniqlo!
Dinner with 'Xclusive on Saturday at BTFC! BTFC is closed for 2 months for renovation! Bacon and Mushroom Aglio Olio $4.
Minghan's favorite Popiah.
Fried Oyster which I shared with Waikit. Ate like mad that day. Had the pasta to myself, 1 popiah and shared this plate of goodness with Waikit.
Imitating Ridiculously Good-looking Guy. #fail
Still looking shocked...
Study gang!!! :D
Saizeriya Spicy Wings 4 for $3.90.
Pepperoni Pizza. 
Chicken Gratin.
Pork and Chicken Cheese Steak $8.40 
Beef Stew $6.40. Quite nice but it's a super small portion!
Using a knife to get the ice out.. Fierce.
3 Success Kids yo!! 
Me being the messenger of the day! Songminghan: "Liling spotted with 2 guys :O" 
Liling: "Minghan spotted with a guy and a girl"
Had the Double Down burger! It's too big to bite them together! Yummy but I sort of had to bite a piece at a time instead of eating it like a burger.

Wanna sleep now! Was supposed to come online to work on my reflection paper, but I failed AGAIN!

Laptop's burning, it feels like it's gonna explode :O :O :O

I just brought my laptop to the fan and attempted to cool it down. lol. Tmr's mugging session with 'Xclusive again! :D

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