Monday, March 5, 2012

Why God?

Feeling like crap again just by thinking about internship. Seriously, I can't get any banks/companies and it's really sad! I always feel like crying whenever I think of it. No internships = no relevant work experience = no companies will want me next time. And worse thing is, no connections. Why don't I know anyone who's working in banks ))): Emo crap this internship stuff.

Realized there isn't school today because it's even week this week. So I tried doing my essay, and got stuck at 1200 words because I am not creative and I don't know what to recommend. And I started worrying about internships once again, and feel like crap again.

I really really really want God to send down his army of angels to help me.. but I've to keep telling myself this is all God's plan. The future looks bleak now. 


): And A further confirmed that my future is bleak by saying I'm Year 3 and if I don't get my internship this holidays, I'm gone )': But shall give him some credits for sending me his Biz list of internships, though it doesn't really help because I'M NOT IN BIZ!!! ): If only I was in Biz, it will be 10 times easier for me to secure an internship.

God's plan. God's plan. God's plan.

1500 essay due tomorrow at 12pm. Korean test from chapter 1-9 tomorrow. Korean Practical basic draft due on Wednesday.

)': )': )':

Trying frantically to look for contacts, and nope no contacts, it just made me sadder.

God's plan. God's plan. God's plan.

Cried buckets just thinking of internship, but no, internship still didn't drop from the sky.

No mood to write my essay.. just feel like an emo dog. 

Photos from previous days:

Sweet Potato leaf, Fried Sotong, Chicken wings. 
Claypot Tofu, Cereal Prawns. 

Wicked w Lebby.
Anniversary gift to him. 

Lebby's gift to me! Super love it!!!
Dim Sum at Geylang East!
Blueberry Melts.
Happy boy with Molten Lava cake!

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