Sunday, March 11, 2012

Loving My Life

Enjoying my busy life even though I barely have time to study. Interviews are so entertaining, they often make my day. Crazy interviewees will come into the room and do extremely retarded stuff that makes Ah Cai, Austen and I go mad laughing :D The next interview is only only going to be on Thursday, so that's 3 days without entertainment!

Okay on the other hand, no interviews means I get to study and catch up on my school work (: 

Here to share 2 awesome posters for Sports Camp 2012! (:

Stayed over at Sharon's with Waikit and Hanxie on Friday night. I supposedly went there for mahjong, but they were sleepy by the time I went over. I reached Bishan house about 1145pm and realized I went to the wrong place. Super angry with myself for heading to the wrong place at that moment because I was sooooo shagged. Had Sports Camp meeting + Pubs stuff before I rushed home, got ready and headed over. So I had to take another bus to her place. But they drove out and fetched me from the bus stop so yay to nice friends.

Saturday was interview before studying and Art of Valor with Lebbs. Super sad towards the end and I tried hard to control my tears, but as usual, it was useless. Today was church before IT fair with Lebby's fam where I almost died in my heels.

Right, right. Happy happy now. I shall go read some stuff (:

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