Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Forgive and Forget

Just now when I was in the shower, I was thinking. Thinking of things that I regret doing or not doing (again!).. it's one of the few things that I keep thinking of. I like to ask friends about the things they regret doing or not doing. Many regrets in life.. and I can't turn back life for obvious reasons, so I just have to keep thinking about them and just keep regretting basically. 

One thing that I regretted recently was yesterday, I saw Jk. He was right in front of me.. we were facing each other. But I don't think he saw me. So my first reason was to pull Sonia along with me and ran out of his line of sight. And now when I think back, I should have made the first step to say hello? I think we've both let go? 

It's just like how Ernest and I managed to become good friends despite our horrible experience working with each other. I thank him for that because he was the one who took the first step and got rid of the awkwardness by being nice (: So all the unhappiness automatically disappeared and we're friends once again. That really taught me to be forgiving and let me know that all can be solved if you're willing to take the first step and forgive ((:

YES, today's message of the day is, step out and be the first to make the first move :D I'll remind myself  not to run away and do that if I see Jk again because it's a really rare opportunity. Forgive and forget (:

Was talking to a friend and we started talking about Feimao!!!

A video of Feimao. I used to like him a lot a lot a lot when I was young because he's so cute!!! :D I still like him now, because Feimao is still so cute :D

Photos of Food Hunt with Zhenyu, Sonia and Han Rui (:

Zhenyu :D
Sonia :D
More Sonia :D
Han Rui :D
At our first station! (:

Adam Road Food Centre Steward Juice.

Winning Team :D
Notice Ernest's face.
Ernest forever giving weird faces.
Comparing tongues! 

Santouka!!! Best Ramen $19.90++
Best egg ever!!!!! :D
Lebby's Char Siew noodles.
Tsunami somehow didn't hit me. Thank God for that. I'm still feeling pretty okay with the amount of workload. I've the insane 3304 group assignment due tomorrow, I think we're gg-fied because we ain't as smart as some people.

Wasting time on my laptop instead of doing work, this is what my house does to me. It gives me this power of having zero motivation. I need to get out of this house and start doing work.

This week was good. I felt energized everything. Like an energizer. Even with long days, I still felt pretty good at the end of the day. Today I didn't have to eat hall dinner alone. And I spent an hour eating the spaghetti because the uncle gave me so much. Slacked at the room till it was time to head over to Engine.

Tomorrow I've to go back to school for more projects! I must do work, I must do work, I must do work. Flu flu go away, don't come back again another day, little girl here wants to study.

Yeah, it doesn't rhyme I know.

Off to send emails (:

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