Thursday, March 22, 2012

Drowning In The Deep

We're at this period in time where all our heads are only slightly above the water level. I was telling Austen, "I feel like I'm gonna drown, my head is only just above water, soon I'll drown cause I can't swim".. and the moment I sent the message to Austen, A said he's "swarmed like man about to be drowned in a tsunami", and that made me burst out laughing cause yup, we're all gonna drown together individually. Oxymoron yeah.

This week's not too bad. As I've said, my head's still above water. And I'm not trying to prevent my impending doom from coming because I chose to enjoy this last moment of peace I have before I get trapped in the tsunami. 7 projects/assignments/essays/tests due within the next 3 weeks. On average, there's 2-3 due and I haven't started on any. 

Week 11's Development Group Project and Korean Final Test, Week 12's MNO Fieldwork Presentation and Korean Oral Exam, Week 13's the worst with MNO Reflection Paper (1500-word essay), Korean Skit (which I have to memorize the 6-7 mins script) and Econometrics individual Presentation (which I have to go to the com lab to do). 

I predict I'll be living a really miserable life for the next three weeks and more. When I'm done with all the crazy amount of work, there will be exams ))):

And I'm still blogging because as I've said, I'm enjoying the last moments before I drown. It's gonna be crazy soon. Soon.

Alright, some random photos!!!
The half-completed Jelly Hearts (: Heart-shaped strawberries :D
What boredom does to me.. 

I wanna keep sleeping and forget that I'm still struggling to keep afloat. No, I'm not suicidal. Bye.

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