Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Busy Like A Dog

My birthday just passed, that's great. I just turned 22, even though I'm pretty convinced that I still look 16. I spent my weekend at NUS Open House and it was pretty awesome (: Had fun hanging out with friends and chasing after mascots and 'talking' to Shawn Lee. Okay, just to clarify, Tanshunli is the one who's crazy over Shawn Lee and I took a photo (damn thick-skinned, went to ask him for a photo) just so I can show it to her. 

Anyway, the entire past week was crazily busy. And I predict this will stay for the rest of the weeks all the way till exams. By far the busiest semester in NUS I feel. That explains the entire week of no new blog entries. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday were all usual. Friday I had O Comm photoshoot and I stayed over in hall. Was so so so so tired, I slept right after my hair dried.. which was about 10plus. Woke up at 8am and went for the morning shift too thanks to Artons that idiot. Was supposed to do duty with him and Sean, but Daniu came and he was doing it alone, so I joined him. In short, I did the entire day of duty till about 6pm. 

Oh yeah, and I took photos with many mascots (: And Shawn Lee.

Sunday I had afternoon duty too. And the O Commers celebrated for the Pisces babies (: Thank you ColbyDaveLaiJunXian :D 

After that, hitched a ride from Caleb and went to J8 to meet Royalties for my birthday celebration. For once, most of them were early! So I was so surprised and touched because they were the first to book me for my birthday and despite being usually late, they were early/punctual!!! (: Had an awesome time with them (((: 

Monday was the 19th. Went to school and was supposed to reach at 12 to pass Sharon the transponder, but I was late. And when I reached, I saw Waikit sitting there with them lol. He wanted to pass me the cake personally even though he had lessons at 12! Sorry and thank you so much TerryPhoon :D The Starbucks Cheesecake was really really yummy even though it was half melted (: 

Went off to the library to study alone. And was supposed to meet Ah Cai for waffles at 4pm. When I went to meet her, she already bought the waffles! Super sweet (: Then she told me, "take a photo with the waffle"... and I posed for a photo. And I see everyone around me looking at me somehow. So I thought they were thinking I looked damn retarded posing for a photo with waffles, and I said, "I feel like I've never eaten a waffle before, so must take photo"... then somehow I realized there was something weird, so I turned and tadahhhh, Dave, Austen, Daniel and Abigail with the gigantic board!!! :D Super shockedddd I must say. They then made me do stupid things yadah yadah.. THANK YOU FRIENDS (: and I went off for meeting!

Development project meeting with Shaun, Nigel and Boon Heng. They bought me a cake too and it was super obvious, but I had to act as if I didn't know. Gave almost the entire cake to Nigel since I was full and then it was time for bible classes (:

Over to Lillian's house where they made yummy Kimbap for me :D And Joyce bought Ice Cream from Island Creamery (: 

Alright, end of description.. Photos:

Andrew's Insight with Royalties :D
Food competition publicity for Food Hunt. S House House ICs: Ernest, Zhenyu and I.
Korean tutorial we were given money to buy things.
O Comm photoshoot. The HR team were supposed to act like prefects.
(: Looking like an international student.
The retarded Pang.
Eusoff Bear :D
Photo that I looked like crap in.
Minion (:
The Sheares Porcupine which my friends insist is a lion.
Shawn Lee bear. 
Shawn Lee bear wrote this on my paper and started dancing..
My new profile picture :DDD
NUS Lion called Linus!
Small Vegetable.
Wine-tasted Chicken. 
Wantons which tasted like vinegar. There was another free bowl which comes when we spend above $90 and it was 1000 times yummier than this!
Eunice Mama gave us some of her Pork Chop Fried Rice.. and a glimpse of our Xlbs. 
Beef Brisket La Mian (:
Yummy Chocolate Cake (: half is still in my fridge now.
Kenneth's birthday is after mine so he was supposed to cut finish the rest of the cake. But initially Aaron took the knife and was about to cut it, and the rest of us screamed at him and told him NOOOO. lol.
Royalties w/o Keenan, Derek and Vics!
Surprise visit with Strawberry Jelly Hearts Cheesecake (: Took him 3 shots to open his eyes for a photo haha.
Super yummmmmyyy :D
The state of the yummy Starbucks Cake when I opened the box.
Oreo Cheesecake (:
Shaun, Boon Heng and Nigel.
The piece of paper which came from Egypt! Thank you Waikit! (:
A1 Poster!!!! :D Loveeee (:
Ice cream from Joyce :D
Kimbap by Lillian (:
Birthday's filled with love (: It's time for bed since my lessons start at 9am tomorrow )): I didn't do work and actually managed to watch tv today. Busy like a dog, but the tv made my night (:

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