Friday, March 9, 2012


Beezee week. Finished chionging my essay on Monday night, had Korean test on Tuesday. Wednesday was relaxed day though, no tests, no presentation, just interviews. Today was school-less day but I went to school for Sports Camp interview too. Yeap, I'm in the HR team for Sports Camp. So this week Ah Cai, Austen and I had to interview people who want to be councillors. 

Sometimes our reaction is, "hahahaha!!!".. But sometimes, it's "So boringgggg".. And sometimes it's *roll eyes*.. We're always hoping there are fun and funny people so they can keep us entertain for half an hour. But of course, not everyone is fun or funny.

Anyways, due to beezee week, I haven't been studying and I feel guilty x 1000. So yeaaaaa, it's time to get off my laptop and start studying. Ohhh, on a side note, I saw this little boy (maybe secondary 1) using a Macbook pro in the train. Rich kid siol, little boy in school uniform carrying Macbook pro to school. I only own mine when I was 19.. 

Shall show you three photos of another little boy who treated me to Sukiyaki buffet at Marina Square on our 2nd year anniversary on Tuesday!


Wednesday there was this food eating competition organized by the Food Hunt Publicity Team to promote Food Hunt. So Nic got all the various houses House IC to form a team and eat.. so Ernest, Zhenyu and I were in the S House team. There were 5 cheese burgers (which Zhenyu ate), 2 Penyet and 2 Yong Tau Foo laksa. I was pretty useless because I ate really slowly. Ernest finished 1 Penyet and 1 Laksa and I only ate half of each. So we lost to this guy in A house who ate like Pacman (according to Zhenyu). Zhenyu described his mouth as "moving non-stop, chewing so quickly like a Pacman". lol.

Whenever I wear my orange dress, I have this feeling that people will think my favorite color is orange since my dress is orange, my handphone cover is orange, and my button on my Iphone is orange too.
Alright, I should at least study for an hour before I sleep :D


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