Thursday, February 9, 2012

Those People That Keep Me Going

Finally here to post photos for the Geeks Party at Pat's place. 

But before that, I shall talk about my days again (: I'm actually quite surprised at how well these few days went. Tuesday was IHG. I had to skip the 6-8pm lecture again because the match started at 6pm. Both the guys and girls team lost but, it was a pretty awesome experience I must say. All the friendships we've forged (: I think I'll miss training with these people, especially the "imports"! Ended the match at about 930pm and went for dinner/supper with Sharon at Fong Seng where I saw Xiang Long, Raj, and Clarissa (: Stayed over at Eusoff for the night with Sharon since my school was at 9am the next day.

Went for hall breakfast in the morning and ended up eating alone because lazy Sharon refused to wake up and have breakfast with me ): Like a loner, sitting alone while other people had friends. Survived eating alone, and just when I walked out, Artons happened to be going for some meeting too, so yay I had company while walking to Biz. Had class, lunched with Aussie Javacoast and saw Lennard (after some long of not seeing him). Had more lessons (yeah I know I'm starting to get boring), and Korean mini-test. Piangzxzxzxz. I seriously wonder why all my other classmates can think so fast and write so quickly. Seb and I were dying during the test when the teacher were saying out the words ):

Anyway, for dinner, I forced Seb to eat in school because I wanted to collect hall dinner. So I walked to Eusoff and back to Deck (super shagged!) and had my yummy hall dinner (:

I've no school today. Went for IPL appointment, then over to Farrer Park Nuffnang Office to collect some samples before taking the free shuttle bus back to Toa Payoh from City Square Mall (: Decided to skip the A&F interview (even though Ernest kept saying it's damn good, good pay, flexible hours and free shirt) because I was too lazy. 

And recently, Jeff asked if I wanted to be a Red Bull girl (distribute drinks and educate consumers) and the pay is good so yes, part-time job settled :D Gonna meet the in-charge on Monday, I hope it will go well! (: And of course, I hope the other girls (mostly from SIM) will be nice..

Okay... some photos that I picked from the many photos we took from that day (:

Joyce :D
Lings and Jess :D
Gabby, Lings (don't know what she's doing) and Shun :D

haha, I think I look scary here and it's funny so yeahhhh.
2 slices of cakes for Pat from Four Leaves :D
Ultimate geek: Lings
My favorite girls :D 
Steamboat :D
Cheese Tarts and Cheesecake from Beauty World Centre. The cheesecake tasted like the lemon cream in some biscuits. Not nice! 

Ah Meow.

Kung Fu #1.
Li Xiao Long. Kung Fu #2.
Sun Wu Kong. Kung Fu #3.
Snake. Kung Fu #4.
Lift leg. Kung Fu #5.
Laughed like mad when we saw Ah Meow doing this!
Yong Chun. Kung Fu #6.
Can't tell what haha. Kung Fu #7.


Ion Yummiest Tako Balls (:
Stupid face.

My $6 dinner at Fong Seng.
Random shot I took one random day.
JJ: "It's funny seeing 2 House ICs presenting together in tutorial class". I look super short beside Sonia. But I like it that my legs look so skinny, so I took a screenshot (:
The legendary Ivan Ngo's room is in the "What my mon see" state. Not joking.
Didn't study at all this entire week. Like a lazy bum. I gotta start catching uppppp.

And so many people have been asking me, "You stay in Eusoff Hall?". And my reply will be, "Yeah, I'm staying but not staying.. long story."

Of course, smart people will say, "Oh, you're playing for them uh". Yes. And the reason why it's a long story, is because Sharon was supposed to be my squatter (meaning she pay she stay, it's registered under my name), but somehow my room is occupied by another girl who doesn't want to move out. So Sharon is staying in another room, but she's paying for my room. And occasionally, I'll stay in the room and I'll take hall dinner.

Okay, but yeah, I'm staying on off...

Today I finished watching Dream High 2 episode 4 and I'm happy because JB is soooooo cute and I really want him to end up with Hae Song, but no I know it's not gonna happen. Okay, byeeeee.

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