Monday, February 6, 2012

Love-Hate Relationship

Just yesterday, I developed this love-hate relationship with driving.

Saturday afternoon was spent over at Sharon's place with Desmond, Qiyang, Joshua, Alfred and of course Sharon. We played mahjong after lunch and I won $1.40 eventually. 

Then it was JALJALS CNY steamboat in the night at Pat's place. Awesome theme (which I came up with) I must say, we were all dressed accordingly to the geeks theme (: With our nerdy glasses and suspenders (: Yummy food and lovely company, this Saturday was totally awesome (:

Steamboat with the girls :D
Our specs :D

Jessica so cuteeeeee hahaha. Like a rabbit!!!
I love Pikachu. Pikachu is just so cute..
Had church today (: Then I came home, did a little bit of work, before Calbee came to pick me up for dinner with him and his sister at Beauty World Centre (: Xiaolongbao, Zha Jiang Mian, Guo Tie, Cheese Cake and Cheese Tarts! (:

I just finished watching Dream High ep 2 :D This week was a lazy week. I promise I'll study harder next week.

Wheeeeeeeee. It's time for me to spend time with my bed (:

OH! I forgot to talk about the title of my post and why I've a love-hate relationship with driving. lol. Joyce offered to let me drive back from Pat's place on Saturday night. So I sent Jessica, Tangs and Lily home. Super love driving in her car, and especially since it was at night where there were few cars. I felt so happy that I was at the driver's seat.

But I especially hate it if I'm driving at places with cars on my left, right, front and back. I somehow have the tendency to go towards the cars, which is extremely dangerous..

But again, I love to drive when there are few cars around. Hence, I formed this love-hate relationship with driving ):

And yes, one more random point I would like to bring up. I really dislike it when people say, "Badminton is so easy. Everyone knows how to play badminton" and start going on about how other sports are more difficult or more tiring because they think "badminton play indoor and the court so small".

Hearing all these words makes me feel irritated. It's a sport I've been playing for 12 or more years. Not everyone can play badminton please. If you think you "know" how to play, purely by standing on the spot and hitting the shuttle, YOU'RE WRONG! It requires skills!!! >:( Why are there so many people who look down on badminton?!?!?!

Okay, time to spend time with my bed.

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