Friday, February 17, 2012

Lai Meng's Ideology

See the demand-supply graph on top? I've came up with this "idea" after doing some research with my friends, and I decided the graph aids in my explanation (:

Firstly. the demand curve shows girl's expectations of guys. We expect and demand an amount greater than the level Q, and thus the relationship isn't at equilibrium.

On the other hand, in general, guys are supplying less than what the girls are demanding. Some examples are, they dislike replying messages and they don't write long messages/cards for their girlfriends. So they are obviously at a point which is lower than Q.

The relationship will not be at equilibrium if this carries on. So, Lai Meng came up with a solution.

Firstly, in order to shift to equilibrium, girls have to lower their demand. Secondly, the guys have to make more effort and increase their supply. And tadahhhh, the equilibrium will be met if both of the above is done.



Please don't give the "what's so great about your ideology" face, thank you.

End of ideology.

Today I increased supply (this isn't depicted in the graph in this case), and made "Chocolate Oreo Cheeseball" for Lebby. It failed because the Cheeseball turned black (too much Oreo) instead of being greyish with bits of Oreo. However, I think it tastes pretty okay.. so yay to my effort. I didn't have any baking equipment at home, so I had to manually crash the Oreo with a rolling pin, and mix the Cream Cheese and Oreo together in a pot (no big bowls at home too!). 10 points for effort, 5 for the product..

In additional, I've been sending out resumes, but no company wants me ): And I've been wanting to send it out to EDB, but they require me to write a 2000-word essay on the BRICs economy growing fast, and what Singapore should do to continue attracting Foreign Direct Investments. The horror, can you imagine? I've been stuck at 113 words for the longest time.. No inspiration and my essay-writing skills is horrible ):

I don't know what will happen if I do not get any internships. I'll be emo and sad, but I guess it will be God's will.

Okay, internships are tedious )):

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